In your readings and video lectures across this course, you have learned about the difficulties in attribution that exist with Internet communications. You know what the Dark Web is and how encryption enhances the ability of everyday citizens (as well as of companies, criminals, militaries, and terrorists) to operate in clandestine fashion. Now, let’s briefly consider another such technology—the virtual private network, or VPN. For more on how VPNs work, read this. Then, in your own words, make an argument as to whether or not the use of VPNs should be legal in the United States. For whichever position you select, you must offer a counter-position (i.e., if you think they should be illegal, first offer a reason why they should be legal) and then specifically reason out your own stance. Your paper should also include a description in your own words as to how VPN’s work. This policy memo should be 4-5 pages in length (double spaced, 12pt TNR)