310 Top-notch research paper topics

310 Top-notch research paper topics

Why do you need to find the best research topic for your paper? Is it important to choose good research paper topics? You need to know how to start a research paper.

Writing a quality research paper requires you to be personally invested in selecting a topic. It may be easy to pick any topic.  It may even be easier to choose the first idea that comes to your mind.

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310 Top-notch research paper topics
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When you select any idea you will not produce quality work. It is important to find a top-notch research topic for your paper. This increases your chances of getting a higher grade.

What are good topics for a research paper?

Writing an excellent research paper starts with choosing the best topic. It is important to allocate time to research and select your topic. Consider the following factors when searching for research paper topics.

1.     Select an interesting topic

Think of what you are passionate about. Identify a subject that interests you and begin your research.

Read articles, watch videos and talk to your friends about your topic. This will increase your interest. It will also make you discover new and exciting information.

An interesting topic will motivate you to research and write. You will cover the entire subject.

Do not select a topic because it is popular. Have a genuine interest in your topic.

2.     Your research paper topic should have enough information

Perform preliminary research. This will enable you to discover if there is enough information about your topic.

Some topics may be new. This means they have not been researched enough times, and they have little information.

When there is insufficient information, you cannot produce quality work. Preliminary research will help you determine a topic that has enough information for your paper.

3.     Fits in your instructor’s guidelines

Read and understand the writing requirements, including the research paper format. Consult your instructor in case you need clarification.  

Preliminary research will help you discover good research paper topics that fit your instructor’s guidelines.

4.     Narrow down your subject

When you select your topic, check to see if it can fit in your academic paper. Some topic ideas can be too broad to be covered comprehensively in your paper.

A broad and vague topic can lower your grade. Narrow down your topic to something more specific. Make it focused enough to enable you to write a solid paper.

5.     Select a clear topic

Make sure you understand your topic. Consult your instructor in case you do not understand some areas.

When your topic is clear, writing your research paper becomes easier and faster. You will be able to demonstrate to your readers that you have mastered your subject.

6.     Specific

Choose a topic that you can support with facts and evidence. Thorough research work will enable you to provide readers with specific examples. It will give your work credibility resulting in higher marks.

7.     Select an innovative topic for your research paper

When selecting a topic, be innovative. This will give you an edge among your peers. Address your topic from a creative and different angle.

Conduct a thorough investigation. You might find interesting facts that will excite your audience. This approach will make your paper stand out, and your audience will be intrigued.

Best Research paper topics

Good research paper topics produce excellent research papers. There are various ways you can find the best research topics.

Brainstorm ideas with your friends and classmates, or read topic prompts. You can also get research paper help online.

This guide provides a comprehensive list of research paper topics examples. You can select a topic that interests you

Art research paper topics

Writing about art can be exciting. It is an excellent way to learn more about art history, among other art details. Here are different categories of interesting art topic ideas

Art history topics

You can look back and write about the impact of art in the past. Here are some art history topic ideas

  1. Explain why Egyptians used art canon for 3000 years
  2. Discuss the history of printmaking. What were the techniques used?
  3. Discuss ancient Greece and sculpture
  4. Discuss the pyramids of Egypt
  5. What is the history of Greek theatre? Discuss its origin
  6. Discuss Christian symbols and art
  7. Discuss Renaissance women and beauty
  8. Discuss art in African countries post World War II
  9. Discuss art and philosophy. How are they related?
  10. Discuss art as depicted in Mesoamerican pyramids

Art therapy

Art therapy is an interesting concept.  Writing a good paper about it will intrigue your audience. Here are interesting topic ideas

  1. How can art be used in psychotherapy
  2. How can art therapy help abused children
  3. Discuss art therapy in communities
  4. Discuss the process of art therapy
  5. What are the benefits of using art therapy?
  6. How can you apply art therapy in a group setting?
  7. How powerful is art therapy?
  8. Discuss techniques used in art therapy
  9. What are the resources required in art therapy?
  10. Can art therapy be used for mental wellness?

Art debate research paper topics

Debate topics about art are interesting and require thorough research. You have to understand your topic well.

Your topic should have two sides. Here are some debatable topics about art

  1. Is art given the same recognition academically as other disciplines?
  2. Should children be allowed to draw horror images?
  3. Does art have a purpose?
  4. Can art be appreciated but not liked?
  5. Is art necessary in a child’s education?
  6. Is modern art legitimate?
  7. Can art become illegal?
  8. Is there a difference between art and design?
  9. Does the world need art?
  10. Can art be considered powerful?

Sociological research paper topics for students

Social science topics address issues that deal with human society and its social relationships. Disciplines that cover this topic are Economics, Archeology, and Geography. Other subjects include Linguistics, History, Politics, Psychology, Law, and Sociology.

They address family institutions and the changes that have taken place. You can consider the following categories and topics

Top notch Sociology topics on the family

There are different family members you can choose to focus on.  For example, you can pick teenagers, children, parents, or any other member. Here are sociology topic examples on family

  1. How does divorce affect children in a family?
  2. What are the effects of cross-racial adoption?
  3. How do parents contribute to the behavior of their children?
  4. Should all parents be encouraged to take parenting classes?
  5. What is the impact of social programs regarding parent-child communication?
  6. What are the causes of difficulty in communication between parents and teenagers?
  7. What roles should nannies play in the lives of children?
  8. How can co-parenting affect a child?
  9. Can a single parent meet all the emotional and psychological needs of a child?
  10. How can a family show support to a disabled child?

Sociology paper topics on nationality and race

Topics on nationality and race can be contradictory. Select and discuss them carefully. Here are topic examples

  1. What are the effects of international marriages?
  2. How can international marriages affect children?
  3. Can race affect a person’s self-esteem?
  4. What are the benefits of patriotism?
  5. Discuss the relationship between foreign education and success
  6. Is there a relationship between race and education?
  7. How can racial stereotypes affect a community?
  8. Can social status affect a person’s patriotism?
  9. Should patriotism studies be encouraged in schools?
  10. Can a person’s nationality determine their career in government institutions?

Sociology research topics on social media

Social media is part of everyday life. You can find interesting topics on various aspects of social media and human interactions. Consider the following topics

  1. What are the effects of social networks on social groups?
  2. How can social networks and media affect education?
  3. What are the benefits of social media to teenagers?
  4. Can social media affect a teenager’s self-esteem?
  5. Can a person be addicted to social media?
  6. Are teenagers safe in social networks?
  7. Should people share their personal information via social networks?
  8. Can blogging be considered a profession?
  9. Should children have social media accounts?
  10. Discuss social media ethics

25+ Amazing research paper topics on economic performance

Business students can choose to write a paper on a country’s economic performance. This involves discussing economic obstacles and issues from a consumer and producer perspective. Consider the following Macroeconomics research paper topics

  1. Supply vs demand: Discuss their correlation
  2. Discuss the importance of marketing vs competition
  3. How is pricing related to competition
  4. What are the consequences of inflation in an economy?
  5. Discuss the best ways to encourage purchases
  6. How can the internet boost sales
  7. How does nature affect industrial development?
  8. Discuss the 2008/2009 economic impact on small and medium businesses in the U.S.
  9. Discuss opportunity cost
  10. What causes market failure?
  11. Discuss GDP growth and how it can be stimulated
  12. What causes unemployment in your country?
  13. How to lower unemployment
  14. What are the effects of unemployment
  15. What is the role of banks in the economy?
  16. Discuss ways to reduce the impact of inflation in your country
  17. Discuss cryptocurrency and its effects on the market
  18. Discuss the roles of labor organizations
  19. Discuss “perfect competition” in business
  20. Analyze the impact of Neoclassical economists
  21. How has oil price affected different countries?
  22. Discuss how medical tourism has impacted the economy
  23. Discuss free market and mixed economy
  24. How has globalization caused economic inequality?
  25. Do politicians influence the economy?
  26. Discuss how money laundering affects the economy
  27. Discuss the effects of the mortgage crisis on the economy
  28. Explain overconsumption and how it affects the economy
  29. How does an increase in interest rates affect African countries
  30. Benefits of government support to small businesses.

Child development research paper topics  

Child development topics address the growth stages of a child. This includes the birth of a child to teenage and adulthood.

Such topics look into the mental development, social and physical growth process. The following are different categories and research paper topics you can consider

Child psychology topics

The psychological development of a child depends on their environment. What they learn from family, society, and peers is very important. Here are interesting topics on child psychology

  1. What is the relationship between society and a child’s psychology? How does society affect children?
  2. How has COVID 19 affected children psychologically?
  3. How can behavioral psychology help a child with autism
  4. How can neglecting a child’s psychological wellbeing affect their development?
  5. How to monitor a child’s psychological development
  6. Should children visit psychologists?
  7. How can music affect a child’s psychology
  8. How does bullying affect a child’s psychology
  9. How can rewarding children for good work affect them psychologically
  10. What is the relationship between eating breakfast and good performance in a child?

Research topics on child development stages

Development stages in a human being include infancy, childhood, the adolescent stage, and adulthood.  Infancy, childhood, and adolescence stages require keen interest. Below are interesting topics on child development stages

  1. Discuss the basic stages of infancy development
  2. Discuss some unique behavior in children
  3. Discuss things that might hinder proper growth development in children
  4. What are the causes of anxiety in teenagers?
  5. How can parents address stress in teenagers?
  6. Should parents worry about bedwetting in children?
  7. Discuss depression in children. How should parents handle it?
  8. Discuss dyslexia. How can parents handle it?
  9. How can lack of sleep affect infants and teenagers?
  10. How can parents monitor their child’s development?

General research topics on child development

When addressing general issues on child development, you can select critical subjects. Here are some topics you can explore

  1. What are the social elements of growth in a child?
  2. How does the environment affect a child’s growth?
  3. Discuss the things that can hinder a child’s development
  4. How can a community influence a child’s development?
  5. What stimulates early language in a child? Discuss the process
  6. Why is it important for a child to play with other children
  7. What are the stages in child development?
  8. Explain how movement affects development in children.
  9. Is a classroom environment important in a child’s development?
  10. Do nannies play a role in the development of a child?

Anthropology research paper topics for college students

Anthropology is known as a science that involves the study of humans and their ancestors. Disciplines in anthropology are linguistics, medical studies, biology, and archaeology. You can find inspiration in the following anthropology topics

  1. Discuss automation vs human evolution
  2. Discuss the impact of culture on human society
  3. How has a pandemic like HIV / AIDS impacted society?
  4. Discuss the social patterns in human beings
  5. What is human warfare?
  6. How has Westernization impacted your society?
  7. Discuss cities and modernization. How have they impacted human beings?
  8. How has automation led to the change of human behavior?
  9. How has culture influenced human society?
  10. Discuss culture and political science. How are they related?
  11. Discuss cultural assimilation
  12. Discuss the impact of colonialism in Africa
  13. How has modern media impacted society?
  14. What is ethnic cleansing? How has it affected the human experience?
  15. Discuss cultural imperialism
  16. Discuss interracial marriages vs religion
  17. How have stereotypes affected society?
  18. Discuss religious diversity experience in Africa
  19. Discuss Asian vs American hip hop
  20. Discuss how hunters and gathers societies operate
  21. How does underwater technology affect human knowledge
  22. Discuss the effects of Halloween celebration on human beings
  23. Discuss the experience of the older generation in Western societies
  24. What are the differences in growth and development?
  25. Discuss consequences of racism
  26. How does storytelling affect different cultures
  27. Discuss closed societies
  28. Discuss the impact of music in different cultures
  29. Discuss the role of art in society
  30. How has terrorism affected culture?

Film research paper topics that hooks

Cinematography has a great history of inventions and breakthroughs. Movie production in the early days was completely different from what it is today.

New concepts have emerged over time, from love stories to family dramas. There is a lot to explore in the film industry. Here are topics ideas for inspiration

  1. How are silent movies created?
  2. Discuss African-American films. What stands out about them?
  3. What is the impact of animation on movies?
  4. Do movies about religion teach moral values, or is it purely entertainment?
  5. Discuss the history of movie production?
  6. Discuss the history of animation
  7. How has film impacted different generations?
  8. Were there special effects in movies before computer graphics?
  9. Discuss your favorite film. What makes it special to you?
  10. Discuss your favorite actor.

Music in movies paper topics

Music has a role to play in movies. For example, it can prepare you for what will happen in the next scene.

The music can make you excited or scared. The following are topics on music in movies

  1. Discuss Broadway musicals in movies
  2. How has Bollywood music impacted movies
  3. Why is music important in film?
  4. What does it take to add music to movies?
  5. Is music necessary in specific scenes in the film?
  6. Discuss how nature sound can improve a movie
  7. Discuss the music that scares before a scary scene
  8. Discuss opera elements in today’s movies
  9. Discuss the types of music in film
  10. Discuss how music in a scary scene affects a viewer psychologically.

Horror films

Horror movies are the most unique genres in the film industry. It involves creating an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. You can look at the following topics on horror films

  1. The role of suspense in a horror movie
  2. The history of horror movies
  3. Explain fear in a movie scene
  4. Discuss humor in horror movies
  5. The role of sound in horror movies
  6. Religion and horror movies
  7. Special effects in horror movies
  8. Costumes in horror films. How do they enhance a scene?
  9. Politics in horror movies
  10. Evolution of horror movies

Best forensic science research paper topics

Forensic science is about solving crime using scientific methods. It also helps in criminal justice and law.

Forensic science covers fields in computer and forensic psychology. Here are topic ideas you can consider

  1. Explain the process of comparing fingerprints
  2. Do identical twins have the same fingerprints? Explain.
  3. Discuss the differences between a human skeleton and an animal skeleton
  4. Explain the process of identifying a victim using a facial skeleton
  5. How can DNA be used to solve a criminal case?
  6. Discuss stab injuries
  7. How can you identify wild animals using their dental patterns?
  8. Discuss blood spatter and crime
  9. Discuss the importance of blood in solving a criminal case
  10. Discuss the importance of an autopsy report
  11. Discuss what it takes to have a career in forensic science
  12. What is the role of forensic science laboratory
  13. Explain handwriting analysis in forensic science
  14. What is iodine fuming? How can it be used to identify fingerprints
  15. Discuss protein identification in forensic science
  16. What is forensic art? How can it be used to identify crime suspects
  17. What is the purpose of gas chromatology?
  18. Explain DNA typing. Describe its advantages and disadvantages
  19. How can you know the age of an injury through gene expression?
  20. Insects vs murder scene. Explain
  21. How to prepare an autopsy report
  22. Discuss fire investigations
  23. Discuss organic chemistry and forensic science
  24. Discuss how statistics aid forensic science
  25. How can audio recordings be used to solve a case?
  26. Discuss forensic psychology
  27. Discuss criminal minds and forensic psychology
  28. What is criminal profiling? How can it be used to arrest a killer?
  29. Discuss methods of DNA testing
  30. Discuss RNA and its role in forensic science

Evolution topics for research paper

When writing an evolution paper, you need to understand what it is about. It deals with humans, plants and animals.

It also focuses on changes that take place in human society. Here are good research categories and topics you can consider

Human evolution topics

This category addresses the process of human development and changes in society. The following are human evolution topics

  1. Discuss why the human species is dominant on earth
  2. What is the difference between the human brain and the brain of other species
  3. How has the human eye evolved?
  4. Discuss how speech has evolved
  5. Discuss recent human mutations
  6. Discuss human intelligence and how it has evolved
  7. Explain the evolution of medicine
  8. How has human immunity evolved?
  9. How has society evolved?
  10. Explain sexual conflict

Flora and Fauna evolution research topics

This category focuses on the evolution of plants and animals. Here are flora and fauna evolution topic examples

  1. Discuss the evolution of whales
  2. How have birds evolved?
  3. What is the impact of climate evolution?
  4. How has adaptation affected evolution in the animal kingdom?
  5. Discuss the complexity of invertebrates
  6. How has plant pollution affected evolution?
  7. Discuss evolution in domesticated animals
  8. Discuss co-operation development
  9. How have early life forms evolved?
  10. Discuss the evolution of parasites

Evolutionary biology

This category focuses on evolution in the biology field. You can consider the following topics

  1. Explain the evolution of robotics
  2. Explain aging and how it has evolved
  3. Discuss neuroscience evolution
  4. Explain biological conservation
  5. How does evolution affect immunology?
  6. What are mathematical models, and how are they applied in evolutionary biology?
  7. Discuss plant speciation
  8. What is immune speciation in evolutionary biology
  9. Discuss biological conservation
  10. How do multicellular organisms evolve?

Western civilization research paper topics

Western civilization topics cover areas in movement, wars, different cultures, ideas, and thinkers. It involves modern-day civilization to ancient civilization.

When selecting a topic in this field, ensure it is unique, specific, and informative. Below are Western civilization topic ideas

  1. Discuss Egyptian civilization and its origin
  2. Explain religion in Western civilization
  3. How has modern technology affected civilization?
  4. What is the impact of Western civilization globally?
  5. Discuss the consequences of the Holocaust movement
  6. Discuss how Indian culture is related to Western culture
  7. Discuss the causes of the french revolution
  8. Discuss the impact of technology in Eastern countries
  9. Discuss Western civilization 100 years from now.
  10. What are the differences between Western tradition and the Christian religion?
  11. How has civilization affected the economy globally?
  12. How has the Catholic church contributed to Western civilization
  13. Discuss European civilization and America
  14. Discuss the effects of the Russian revolution on Western civilization
  15. How has the Greek culture contributed to Western civilization
  16. Discuss the Roman culture and Western civilization
  17. Discuss how music has impacted Western culture
  18. Discuss colonialism vs Western civilization
  19. Discuss Roman medicine and Western civilization
  20. Discuss how Western civilization has developed
  21. Discuss the changes in Western civilization
  22. Discuss Jews and civilization
  23. What are the benefits of civilization
  24. Explain Western civilization in the ancient times
  25. How has education impacted Western civilization
  26. Explain Western civilization and Plato’s influence
  27. What is the relationship between Western civilization and Islam?
  28. Explain how the Irish saved civilization
  29. What is the accomplishment of Roman civilization
  30. Discuss the discovery of the Western civilization

Technology research paper topics

Technology is developing fast. It has changed the world, and computer science is changing every area of life. The following are categories and topics on computer science and technology.

Artificial intelligence research topics

AI is relevant in almost every area of life. It is beneficial to pick a research topic in this category. Here are research paper topics on AI

  1. Explain the most influential machine learning
  2. Compare a supervised machine learning and unsupervised machine learning
  3. Discuss multi-agent reinforcement learning
  4. Explain how robots interact with humans
  5. Explain how chatbots work
  6. Discuss natural language processing
  7. Discuss computer vision and artificial intelligence
  8. Explain the interaction between things that use the internet and artificial intelligence
  9. Explain how robotics work in NASA
  10. Explain deep learning in machine learning

Biotechnology research topics

This category focuses on how technology uses living things. It involves living things modifying products.

Disciplines in this area are biochemistry and genetics. Below are topics you can consider

  1. How is cloning beneficial?
  2. Is it possible to control genetics?
  3. Discuss bioethics
  4. What are genetic engineering and gene therapy?
  5. Explain enhancement of plant genetics
  6. Discuss GMO crops
  7. Explain the development of new vaccines
  8. Discuss treating HIV and Nanotechnology
  9. Diagnosis of cancer and pesticides. Discuss
  10. Explain the prevention of cancer using embelin

Media and communication research topics

Technology has greatly affected communication and media. The Internet has made it possible to get connected to anyone. Here are examples of media and communication topics

  1. Explain ethics and media communication
  2. How has communication developed through computers in the last decade
  3. How has social media transformed communication?
  4. Compare media development in different countries
  5. Discuss how the internet has caused changes in media
  6. Explain how the internet has affected advertisement
  7. Explain the effects of cyberbullying
  8. Explain how communication technology will affect the future
  9. Explain how technology has boosted media freedom
  10. Explain the use of hype in media

What are some good topics for an argumentative research paper?

Argumentative research topics are interesting and sometimes controversial. When choosing an argumentative topic, think about your audience.

Consider how you will make your presentation. The following are good argumentative college research paper topics

  1. Abortion: should it be legalized?
  2. Should children be allowed to choose their own religion?
  3. Should military veterans be allowed to go back to war?
  4. Should the law consider civil marriage?
  5. Are national cultures relevant today?
  6. Is life after prison normal for ex-convicts?
  7. Is human cloning beneficial?
  8. Can teenage marriage be justified in some cases?
  9. Is it possible to stop the religious war?
  10. Can modern beauty affect a person’s self-esteem?

Key takeaway

Selecting research paper topics can be a difficult affair for most students. The first step in writing your paper is to understand how to start a research paper.

You should start by looking for good research paper questions topics in various sources. Make sure you select an interesting and engaging topic. To get research paper help and topic ideas, contact us.

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