175+ Interesting Proposal Essay Topics for Students (2021)

175+ Interesting Proposal Essay Topics for Students (2021)

A proposal essay allows you to present your argument or idea on a particular topic. There are numerous proposal essay topics that students can write about. This article focuses on different ideas and proposal essay topics for students.

When writing a proposal essay, your content should support your argument with reliable evidence. There are different categories of proposal essay topics you can select, depending on your area of study. You also need proper writing techniques to write your proposal essay effectively.

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175+ Interesting Proposal Essay Topics for Students (2021)
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 Structure of a proposal essay 

Like all other essays, a proposal essay follows a particular outline. The outline helps you to present your ideas appropriately. A proposal essay should have an introduction, proposal, action plan, and conclusion. 


Begin your essay with a catchy and well-structured introduction that will get readers interested to read more. The introduction should contain background information on your topic and a thesis statement on the particular focus of your content. Also, keep the introduction short and precise.

Background of the problem

In this section, discuss the problem, its history, and its significance to your thesis statement or proposal. You should also convince the audience why the problem needs to be addressed. After the problem background, state your thesis statement based on your proposal.


The proposal section of a proposal essay contains your main argument. Here, you inform the reader what you want him or her to adopt. Inform the reader about your proposal without going much into details. 

In the proposal, discuss all details including the cost of implementation and the persons responsible for implementing your proposal. Show how your proposal can be achieved easily and make it believable or valid. State how much time it would take and the requirements to implement your proposal. 

Build your proposal with additional evidence such as an example of a similar proposal that is successful. Also, show how the absence of your proposed idea affects the solving of the problem. 

You also need a paragraph that addresses the rebuttals to your proposal. Highlight the main rebuttals and how they affect the implementation of your proposal. You can also recognize other viable proposals by other writers in this section. 

Action plan

You will give details of your proposal in the action plan section. Discuss your step-by-step plan to achieve your proposal and make it convincing. Every step of action should be discussed in a separate paragraph. 

The action plan should be supported with true evidence on why your proposal is the best. Your paragraphs should not be longer than 3 detailed sentences. You can include visual communication, including graphs and diagrams, in this section.


In this section, do not introduce new content but give a summary of your essay content. You can include a call to action if possible. State your thesis statement in the conclusion to show how you tackled it in the essay.


Using the style of writing used in the essay or recommended, list down all your sources. The sources should be good. Knowing how to reference different styles of writing will help you structure this section well. 

Tips for writing a proposal essay 

You can write a good quality proposal essay by using the following tips:

Get a good topic

The topic of an essay is your guide. Your thesis statement and content will be determined by your essay topic. There are different topics you can choose from, depending on your area of study.

Proposal essay topics include motivation proposal essay topics, education proposal essay topics and proposal argument topics. In some cases, the essay topic is chosen for you by the teacher. You only research the topic and decide on your proposal.

Carry out research 

An essay is a formal way of communication and its content is fact-based. Conduct enough research to get valuable content and have concrete evidence to support your proposal. You should use reliable sources since not all content is reliable. 

Essay writing

Write your essay while adhering to the guidelines given and the writing style recommended. Your essay should follow the proposal essay structure discussed in this article. You should also cite all sources used and avoid copying content directly from the sources.

Your proposal essay should have good grammar. Avoid fluffy words. Write using a formal tone and active voice. Stick to approximately five strong. This will help you to clearly support your main points with statistics. Conclude and format your essay well depending on your writing style.

It is advisable to choose a topic that interests you or that you understand well. Your proposal section should be a solution to the problem highlighted in the topic. Your proposal essay should have 3 main elements as listed below.

1. Your proposal 

This is your claim and suggestion for a particular action or policy change, to resolve a need or problem. Your proposal should be acceptable and suitable for your essay audience. Write the proposal in a formal tone and ensure it is well researched and valid. 

2. Evidence for your claim and proposal 

Identify the problem you are focusing on and its effects. Introduce your claim and proposal and its significance in solving the problem. Give step-by-step evidence to support your proposal on how it solves the problem.

Conduct good research on the topic before you start writing. Good research helps you to write from a knowledgeable point and with good command of content.

3. Consideration 

While the essay will mainly be about your proposal, you should consider other proposals and their relevance in solving the problem. Acknowledge other considerations and rebuttals that may affect your proposal.

Tips for choosing proposal essay topics 

Your environment as a student can help you get a good essay topic. It might be your school, home, state, city, or country environment where you identify a particular issue and consider practical solutions. Intensive research should follow after you identify the problem.

You should avoid selecting a topic or problem that is not clear, as a clear topic means clear content. If it is a school-related proposal essay, for instance, you can consider ways of improving students’ lives, bettering the school environment, use of technology for improved learning, and more. 

Proposal essays are addressed to people who can act on the suggestions given. Your audience will therefore influence your content and the essay topics you choose. You are free to address your essay to persons you feel may consider your proposals.

Your essay should also be based on a manageable issue and your proposals should be easy to achieve. Avoid topics and proposals that would cost a lot during research, expertise, and implementation. In some cases, your instructor may suggest essay ideas and topics according to the relevance of your study. 

Brainstorming and research 

You can conduct research online by reviewing available information and content on the topic. You can also carry out interviews or a survey for additional data. Brainstorm on all content available and decide on the most suitable topic and content for your audience. 

Consider other proposals given on the topic and how your proposal adds value. Research to find tangible evidence such as statistics, survey results, examples, and personal experiences. Library research is also highly advisable for essays because information obtained from books is reliable. 

Your essay should have a detailed cover letter that introduces your reader to the topic, the problem, and your proposal. Your proposal is the thesis statement to be discussed in the essay. You should also include a summary paragraph, the background of the problem, the proposal, and justification. 

Proposal essay FAQ

This article will respond to most of your questions on proposal essay topics. Some of the frequently asked questions on proposal essays include:

What is a proposal argument?

Proposal essay ideas: what to include

What is the structure for a proposal essay?

How to choose good proposal essay topics

What is an essay proposal sample?

Proposal essay topics for students

To write a catchy proposal essay, you need to choose a top-notch topic. The following are 150+ compelling topics you can write about on different subjects.

Motivation proposal essay topics

College students find motivational topic ideas interesting to write about. A motivation proposal essay allows you to share motivation on a particular topic. Such topics include:

  1. How to change your fear into actualized dreams
  2. How to get over the loss of a loved one 
  3. How to succeed in a racially discriminating workplace 
  4. How to plan achievable life goals
  5. How to avoid breaking your new year’s goals
  6. Ways of taking care of your emotional health 
  7. How to avoid financial constraints when earning less
  8. How to learn from the mistakes of others
  9. How to get over losing a child
  10. Encouraging quotes from world leaders
  11. How to nurture a child’s self-esteem as a parent
  12. Ways of dealing with a heartbreak
  13. How to live as an inspiration to younger siblings
  14. How to maintain a positive life after job loss

Best proposal essay topics on curriculum and education for all students

Curriculum essays are common among students, as they allow them to express their ideas about their education. Such topics include:

  1. Should the evolution theory be included in the curriculum?
  2. Why students should be allowed to choose their preferred courses in school
  3. How long should university education take to complete 
  4. What is the benefit of community service in the life of a student?
  5. Why happiness studies should be included in the curriculum 
  6. Why mental health should be included in the curriculum 
  7. Why should technology be taught to students from a young age?
  8. Why are foreign languages important in education?
  9. Why do male students prefer sciences more than their female counterparts?
  10. Which is the best grading system for students?
  11. How do extra-curricular activities impact students in the future?
  12. What is the role of educational trips in education?
  13. How should indiscipline cases be handled in school?
  14. Should sex education be included in the curriculum?
  15. Should religious education be compulsory in schools?
  16. How can teachers boost a student’s self-esteem?
  17. How can teachers handle bully students in class?
  18. How can teachers help slow learners to be at the same level as other learners?
  19. How to promote presentation skills among students
  20. How does group work prepare students for the future?
  21. Ways of reducing bullying in schools

Parenting proposal essay topics

You do not need to be a parent to write a good-quality proposal essay on parenting. Parenting topics are easy to handle and you can easily relate the research content with your environment. Such topics include:

  1. How technological development has impacted modern-day parenting 
  2. How to balance parenting with a busy schedule 
  3. Best ways of handling an indiscipline child
  4. How to motivate your child to be creative
  5. Best ideas for weaning a baby
  6. Importance of breastfeeding a baby
  7. Why yelling at a child affects their development? 
  8. How absentee parents affect the well-being of children 
  9. Ways of rewarding a child at home
  10. How to make your blended family bond and thrive 
  11. Ways of positive dating as a single parent
  12. Ways that parents use to vet good nannies
  13. Why a balanced diet is important for expectant women?
  14. Why folic acid supplements are important during pregnancy
  15. How to train children financial saving
  16. Simple games that parents can play with children
  17. How offering your child all he or she wants affects them in future
  18. Steps of giving first aid to a chocking baby

Outstanding proposal essay topics on family you need to know

Compelling proposal essay topics

Proposal essays about family are easy to discuss. Family topics might be related to parenting, but there are unique and easy topics purely on family. Such topics include:

  1. Tips for blended families
  2. How to foster unity in a family
  3. Interesting family traditions for the festive season
  4. Fun activities for all family members
  5. Ways of compromising within the family
  6. How divorce affects children
  7. Successful ways of running a family business 
  8. Successful ways of running a family joint account
  9. How to happily live with a child that has special needs 
  10. The joy of living together with grandparents 
  11. How co-parenting can work for separated parents
  12. How to live peacefully with your mother-in-law
  13. Best family planning methods today
  14. How family planning affects women
  15. The impact of women empowerment on families

Top notch proposal essay topics technology

There are high chances that you will write an essay or more on technology as a student. Technology is among the latest and leading topics everywhere. Such topics include:

  1. Which are the best TV shows and movies for children 
  2. How children can use the internet for positive gains 
  3. Ways of curbing cyberbullying 
  4. How to recover from cyberbullying 
  5. How social media can improve productivity in students 
  6. How ethical is a student-teacher social media communication? 
  7. How cyber-crimes are investigated and solved
  8. How to use social media to grow your business
  9. Best tips for online marketing 
  10. How technology has improved learning in schools
  11. How bloggers make money through online platforms
  12. How social media influencers make money online
  13. Ways of becoming a good social media influencer
  14. Ways of protecting your Gmail account from hacking
  15. Ways hackers use to easily access Facebook accounts
  16. How online presence boosts businesses

Social life proposal essay topics of students

All students face different social issues that you can write about. These topics allow you to offer your proposal on different matters. Such topics include:

  1. How to improve social responsibility among students 
  2. Community service ideas for students 
  3. Mental health awareness among students
  4. Improving counselling services for students
  5. Improving participation in social events among students 
  6. Should religious events be allowed in schools? 
  7. How to maintain a clean school environment 
  8. Preventing drug addiction among students
  9. Ways to boost the reading culture among students 
  10. Safe driving guidelines in school
  11. Ways of conducting free and fair elections in schools

21+ Compelling proposal essay topics government and society

Proposal essays on government and society allow you to share ideas on national issues. This is a broad area where you can focus on different matters including government structures, policies, societal issues, and more. Such topics include:

  1. Ways the government can improve the education system
  2. How orphans and needy students can access education help from the government.
  3. Ways of reducing corruption in the country
  4. The impact of good leadership on students and future generations 
  5. How the government can control the birth rate
  6. Why capital punishment should be banned
  7. How the government can support mental health in the country 
  8. Ways of boosting Small Medium Enterprises 
  9. Why we should empower the boy child in society
  10. How the government supports cancer treatment 
  11. How the government can fight corruption
  12. Ways of promoting and appreciating public workers
  13. How technology has promoted infrastructure development
  14. Ways of empowering girls and women
  15. How to manage a good care home
  16. Ways of encouraging good morals among teenagers in society
  17. Ways of promoting social welfare in community
  18. How religious leaders help to promote cohesion and peace
  19. How democracy impacts a country’s economy
  20. How multiparty democracy affects political structure
  21. Ways of promoting tourism in a country
  22. How music helps to portray a community’s culture and values

Health and lifestyle proposal essay topics for research

The topic on health and lifestyle has become a major trend. It is a broad idea that you can easily research and structure in your writing. Such topics include:

  1. Early healthy lifestyle ideas for children 
  2. Healthy alternatives to caffeine 
  3. How to ensure a healthy sleep pattern
  4. Why drug tests are important for college students in sports teams 
  5. How to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among the youth 
  6. Should health and nutrition be taught in schools?
  7. Healthy lifestyle tips for diabetes patients 
  8. Why you should eat a balanced diet
  9. Why do you need frequent cardiovascular screening? 
  10. How to balance fun and healthy lifestyle 
  11. How to avoid alcohol addiction
  12. How Marijuana is used in the health sector
  13. How fruits and vegetables are good for your health
  14. Ways of managing obesity
  15. How to lose weight in a healthy way
  16. Ways of gaining healthy weight
  17. How exercises help in weight gain
  18. Ways of handling fatigue
  19. How to care for your skin using natural homebased products

Proposal essay topics about environmental for your essay

Environment essays are not popular among students, but they can be very interesting. Such topics include:

  1. The best environments for different types of pets
  2. Ways of maintaining proper hygiene with cat pets
  3. Efforts made by the United Nations to curb global warming
  4. Ways of achieving food security
  5. How to motivate people to make the planet a better place
  6. Ways of protecting the forest cover

Business proposal essay topics for presentation

Business proposal essays are common, not only for business students. Business-related essays allow you to think wide and express your ideas on businesses and careers. Such topics include:

  1. Business ideas you can implement with $50 or less
  2. Ideas on how to secure a job after college
  3. Why the client is always right in business 
  4. Ways of building an ethical policy for your business 
  5. How to advance an SME into a small corporation
  6. Top business ideas for students 
  7. Ways of attaining a job without experience 
  8. Available job opportunities for continuing students 
  9. Ways employers reward employees
  10. How different businesses were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic 
  11. How social media impacts businesses
  12. Why companies need a website
  13. How to promote agribusiness among the youth
  14. How the government can ensure a good business environment for all

Proposal essay topics about Sports

Sporting activities can be careers, social activities, or talent events. There are different types of sports that you can write on. Such topics include:

  1. Why are sporting activities beneficial to talented students? 
  2. Should students who participate in sports be paid?
  3. How can coaches encourage and mold young athletes for better performance in future 
  4. How to encourage good public speaking among sportsmen and women
  5. Legal action that is taken on steroid users in sports
  6. Benefits of morning jogging
  7. How daily exercising impacts health and fitness 
  8. How racism affects sporting activities
  9. How corporate sponsorships help in boosting sports

Interesting proposal essay topics every student should know

  1. How the government can reduce discrimination against minority groups
  2. How banning polythene helps in the fight against global warming
  3. How drug abuse increases suicide and murder cases
  4. The effects of drugs addiction on families
  5. How to improve behavior among modern-day teenagers. 
  6. How social media helps boost small-medium enterprises
  7. How small-medium enterprises influence a country’s economy
  8. How the government can boost small-medium enterprises
  9. Ways to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor
  10. How the United States government can reduce homelessness in the country
  11. Should ‘come we stay’ be legalized as a form of marriage?
  12. Should abortion be legalized?
  13. How students can succeed in courses they are forced to take
  14. What was the trigger cause of the World War One?
  15. Which is the right age to wean a baby?
  16. How can we stop extrajudicial killings?
  17. How did women leaders in history shape women’s leadership today?
  18. Ways of fostering national cohesion and equity in a country.
  19. Should religious and traditional beliefs be considered in making laws?
  20. How religious extremism affects the war against terrorism
  21. Why practical and technical courses should be encouraged in schools
  22. Ways to caution the economy from pandemic effects
  23. How to manage your debt culture
  24. How to develop a saving culture
  25. How technology has affected the music sector
  26. Which is the right age for children to join social media?
  27. How can teenagers avoid social media influence?
  28. How stigma affects HIV/AIDS victims
  29. How to avoid gambling addiction. 
  30. Should prisoners be granted voting rights?
  31. How the government can promote the arts sector
  32. How to reduce human and wildlife conflict
  33. How insecurity affects a country’s economy
  34. At what age should children begin pre-school?
  35. What led to the fall of the Great Roman Empire?

In summary

There are many ideas and samples of proposal essay topics to choose from. Your essay topic should be relevant to your area of study and your target audience. Your topic will motivate your research and the content you deliver.

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