153+ Best Political science research topics

153+ Best Political science research topics

Every organization that involves people has politics. Politics is not necessarily a bad thing. A political science paper is an academic writing that deals with governments, individuals, and society. This is a broad subject which makes it complicated for most students to handle especially if you have to select political science research topics.

The best solution is to choose political science topics that meet your assignment requirements. The topic you select should interest you and suit your skills. This will set you up for success from the onset.

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153+ Best Political science research topics
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This type of research paper mainly applies to students studying law, philosophy, education, or sociology.  Here is a guide on political science research topic ideas that can inspire you to write a compelling political paper

Comparative politics research questions

When you write a paper on comparative politics, you need to use an empirical approach in presenting your information. Some of the political science research topics that require this method include;

  • Diverse conflicts in domestic and international issues,
  • Domestic politics and institution analysis.

Focus mainly on the method of implementation of these topics. An example is comparing the operations of two political parties. The following are political research topics you can use in your brainstorming session

  1. The behavioral approach two or more political parties are using during elections
  2. Discuss the foreign policy of two different countries
  3. Presidential elections vs. parliamentary elections. Which one is the best?
  4. Regional government vs. National government
  5. Compare the political theories of Plato and Aristotle
  6. The idea of the Soviet Union
  7. Compare the limits of human freedom vs. government authority
  8. The apartheid phenomenon
  9. Codes of honor vs. loyalty oaths
  10. The hierarchy of Chinese political parties

Political science research paper topics on international relations

International politics deal with conflict, controversies, negotiations, and analyzing arguments on the international scene. They cover various issues like human rights, global ethics, poverty, globalization, international finance, and environmental issues, among many other things. The following political science dissertation topics you can use

  1. Describe how IMF works
  2. What are the leading causes of poverty in the world?
  3. Discuss the impact of education in Africa
  4. What were the causes and effects of the conflict in Syria?
  5. Explain how global security networks work
  6. Discuss the effects of neo globalization
  7. Discuss China and Japan foreign aid policy
  8. Discuss the impact of Brexit
  9. Soft laws in multilateral treaties
  10. International protection regarding children’s rights

Philosophy political science research topics

When writing a political paper on philosophy, you should focus on society and its setup. The topics you select for your paper will include ethics and its application.

This subject deals with state regulations, liberty, justice, and democracy. Here are political science topics in this area

  1. Impact of American Revolution
  2. The German philosophy
  3. Political virtue and mutual tolerance
  4. Election ethics
  5. Society risk factors
  6. Democracy justification
  7. Political transition methods
  8. Existentialism and Western Law
  9. Liberalism vs. civil republicanism
  10. Transition methods in education

Political paper topics on mediation and political negotiation

Writing a solid political paper on mediation and negotiation requires you to be knowledgeable on matters regarding international conflict resolution. Mediation in politics involves conferences with the goal of peacefully resolving conflict. The following are political research topics   on mediation and political negotiation

  1. Syrian talks on critical constitutional matters
  2. Resolving land disputes
  3. Resolving legal disputes across nations
  4. The political mediation process
  5. The procedure for negotiating during a conflict
  6. Mediation court process
  7. Negotiation between two political parties
  8. Mediation procedure in conflict resolution
  9. Drafting an arbitration
  10. Negotiation for the release of pirate hostages

Public administration political science senior thesis topics

A paper on public administration focuses on government structures, various government agencies, and the work of public administrators. These topics mostly deal with sociology.

They look at the implementation of law, regulations, and introduced policies. The following are political science research topics you can use

  1. Efforts in coordinating Government functions
  2. Analysis of the management of federal emergencies
  3. Ethical practices in nonprofit organizations
  4. Private sector and innovation in the United States
  5. Fiscal management strategic planning
  6. Benefits of public safety
  7. Methods of community development
  8. Careers in transportation and security
  9. Methods of environmental management
  10. Efforts of addressing climate change

Political science essay topics on public law

This type of paper involves the relationships between the state and the public. It includes various areas in public law politics, including administrative law, criminal legislation, constitution, and taxes. Below are topic ideas in public law that you can brainstorm

  1. Criminal law and morality
  2. Justice vs. inequality
  3. Human rights
  4. National security and public liberty
  5. Argumentation analysis of judicial review
  6. Socio-economic issues
  7. Judicial interpretation of public safety
  8. Famous European legislators in history
  9. Commercial exploitation
  10. Custody battles that lead to gender bias

Researchable political science term paper topics

Researchable political topics should include sufficient amount of research from academic sources. It involves an in-depth analysis of studies related to various political topics.

You can study the causes and effects of events or issues like a political leader or other sensitive topics using a scientific approach. The following are topic ideas that can inspire you to write a compelling researchable political paper

  1. Different types of political conflicts
  2. Methods of corruption elimination
  3. Social movements that happen after a war
  4. The global independence of modern leaders
  5. Different types of government models
  6. Is religion a social power?
  7. The process of implementing change in legislation
  8. What are ethical topics for discussion by top officials?
  9. The similarities between American and European federal crimes
  10. Should criminals be pardoned?

Theorists political science literature review topics

This type of political science field is where students are encouraged to examine the work of other political scientists. This is important, especially when you are writing your dissertation.

You need to include an elaborate literature review. Here are political science topics on theorists that can inspire you

  1. The key figures of Anarchism History
  2. Vladimir Lenin vs. Communism approach
  3. The challenges of liberty and justice
  4. The theory of John Austin
  5. Sovereignty, according to Jean Bodin
  6. Plato analysis on the Republic
  7. Governance, according to Aristotle philosophy
  8. Theses of Frederic Bastiat
  9. The disciplinary power of Foucault
  10. The classic theories of Edmund Burke

Political science topics on conflicts

Many issues like the economy, elections, and natural resources can cause political conflicts. When writing a paper on this subject, it is recommended that you focus on topics that deal with social issues.

The causes and effects of conflicts in different countries can help you find political research topics in this area. Here are some ideas

  1. The uniqueness and causes of civil war
  2. The political powers involved in Ukraine division
  3. Causes of immigrant crisis in Mexico
  4. The methods of conflict resolution in Yemen
  5. The relationship between social networks and protests
  6. The conflict in Afghanistan
  7. The impact of war in Iraq
  8. Causes of rebellion in Central Africa
  9. The political agenda of Reagan
  10. The impact of government repression in Syria

Conflict resolution political science essay topics

This subject studies methods of resolving conflicts peacefully. When writing a political paper on conflict resolution, you will focus on various social issues, from gender equality at work and court battles.

Conflict resolution topic ideas will extend to international conflicts involving several countries. The following are topic ideas in this area

  1. The impact of art in countries that have experienced conflict and war
  2. Conflict resolution among African-American prisoners
  3. Media bias in news coverage
  4. Conflict resolution in power distribution
  5. How to resolve the Iran oil conflict
  6. Resolution of security conflicts after 9/11
  7. Methods of conflict resolution in political parties
  8. Politics vs. personal ambition conflicts. What are the resolution ideas?
  9. The foreign policy of the United States
  10. Methods of collaboration in Afghanistan

Political research topics on American Government

When writing about politics and the American Government, it is essential to understand that it is the model of most countries. It has some of the best international policies that inspire other countries. Here are some of the topic ideas you can choose

  1. How celebrities influence political campaigns
  2. The effects of campaigns initiated by citizens
  3. Pluralism and its impact on American politics
  4. The effectiveness of criminal law
  5. The impact of racial profiling in the United States
  6. How does the law protect whistleblowers in the United States
  7. Celebrity politicians and their effect on politics
  8. How to deal with stereotypes in the United States
  9. How to address morality and criminal law
  10. How does the law address hate crime?

Political Methodology paper topics

best Political science research topics

It is essential for people to be aware of various processes in politics and how these processes enable the government to operate. There are various subjects like the right to vote in this field. Here are more inspirational topic ideas you can select

  1. Contributing factors to white supremacy
  2. Affirmative action and its impact
  3. Benefits and disadvantages of pardoning criminals
  4. The impact of voter attitudes on political outcomes
  5. The role of political parties
  6. The effects of equality in society
  7. The part of civil rights after conflicts
  8. The impact of migration policy
  9. The results of borrowing and debt crisis
  10. The effect of voter education in elections

Political arguments research topics

Political argument topics help you challenge your own thoughts and political theories. The following are political argument topics that you can discuss in your paper

  1. Managing disputes in the 21st century
  2. Can corruption be eliminated entirely?
  3. The effects of a revolution
  4. How to address privacy vs. national security
  5. What are the factors that contribute to war and conflict?
  6. An authoritarian politician vs. a compassionate politician. Discuss the best leadership style
  7. How does the constitution address gender inequality?
  8. A presidential system or a parliamentary system that is more effective?
  9. The effects of second world war
  10. Are nuclear weapons necessary?

Interesting political science research paper topics

When writing an interesting political paper, you need to be informed about current events in politics. Current political issues will enable you to apply what you have learned in real life, and it will help you produce an engaging paper. Below are interesting political research topics

  1. The effects of climate change on migration
  2. Participatory democracy
  3. How the citizenship law in India has led to Right-Wing ideology
  4. The impact of terrorist violence in Africa
  5. Australian bushfires and the rising economic pressures
  6. The process of a presidential impeachment
  7. What happens when tension between two countries continue to rise
  8. Factors affecting oil markets
  9. The trade deal between China and the U.S.
  10. How consumerism is changing Asia

General political science research topics

When you are studying political science, you will be required to research a political science research topic for your paper. Here are general ideas of what you can write about

  1. Benefits of the independent counsel office
  2. Legal analysis of sexual harassment
  3. The phenomenon of apartheid and squatter settlement
  4. China’s telecommunication policy
  5. The assessment of equal pay in different industries
  6. Poverty alleviation in relation to good governance
  7. Political psychology
  8. Interstate diplomacy and wars
  9. The role of media in politics
  10. Can politics change a society’s morals?
  11. What does “common good” mean, and what impact does it have in politics?
  12. The theory of rational choice
  13. How do public relations affect politics?
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of positivism
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of constructivism

Subdivisions of political science

Political science has various subdivisions that deal with different political issues. When writing your paper, you can select a subdivision that interests you.

Make sure you use a political science research method approach when writing your paper. This is a journal that will enable you to use the correct scientific approach in your research paper. Here are the subdivisions in political science research topics

1.     Political theory

This field of political science deals with morality. It examines the work of various philosophers. It also emphasizes political thought, concepts, and topics.

2.     American government politics

This is politics in the United States. The focus is on constitution law, policy, state policy, and ways to improve American politics. The position of America as the world’s superpower makes it a role model in politics to many nations.

3.     Comparative politics

The approach of this subdivision is empirical and less theoretical. Its focus is on how political institutions are established and why they are established. It also shows the best ways the institutions can provide economic security, order, and equality to communities.

4.     International relations

This subdivision in politics shows how international actors can interact and why they interact the way they do. It analyzes behaviors, international finance, and foreign policies.

5.     Methodology

This area of political science uses an empirical approach to understand various political processes through statistics. The political methodology applies to all political science research topics.

Components of a political science research paper

When writing a research paper in political science, you need to make sure it has all the essential components. This ensures you produce a high-quality political research paper. Your paper should have the following components

1.     Investigative research

The foundation of the arguments you present in your political paper should always come from empirical observations. When you perform thorough research and inquiry, you will deliver an objective analysis based on data and political principles.

2.     Data

You need to support your claims using relevant data. This will involve a process of data collection and analysis. Make sure you collect your data from credible sources, and the data should be current and correct.

3.     Political theories

When writing a research paper in political science, you need to master theories in this field. The processes of building political theories include data collection and analysis. It also involves understanding older political theories.

4.     Brief and objective texts

Ensure your work is brief, clear, and objective. You can achieve this by using terminologies in political science designed for this specific purpose.

How to write a political science research paper

Choosing a topic that interests you is the first step to writing a high-quality political paper. Select a topic that is not too broad or too narrow.

A broad topic will be difficult for you to cover all important areas, and a narrow subject will have scarce information. Your topic should be focused and current.

This way, you will get enough valuable information to research and write. Read generally and research the topic you have selected.

1.     Political science research questions

After thoroughly researching your topic area, you need to develop political science research question. This is a question that you will research and answer in your paper.

Your research question should have a question mark. The purpose of your political science research paper is to answer that research question.

2.     Create your research paper design

Apply critical thinking and understand the requirements of answering your research questions. Here are some prompts that will help you in the research design stage

  • What data will you need to answer your research question?
  • What are the best sources of data?
  • Who or what will be involved?
  • What internal or external events can affect the outcome of the research?

3.     Develop your thesis

Write your thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. Your thesis should answer your research question briefly.

It is the foundation of your political paper. All the arguments that you make in your paper should be linked to your thesis statement.

4.     Body section

The body section of your paper is where you present the answer to your research question. Provide your readers with evidence and political science research questions examples.

This way, you can persuade them that your answer is correct. Anticipate alternative arguments that attempt to answer your question.

Refute these arguments accordingly. Make sure you explain why your solution is better.

5.      Citations

Proper citations and references will help you avoid plagiarism issues. Create a bibliography section and reference all materials you have used in your work.

Make sure the sources you use are varied. They should include scholarly articles, journals, and primary materials.

Political science research paper format

153+ political science research topics

Organize your paper using the correct research paper format. You can check a sample political science research paper online to get an idea of how your work should look. Below is an outline that you can follow in your research paper

1.     Introduction

The introduction of your paper should state your research question and explain its significance. End your introduction with one or two sentences of your thesis statement. Your thesis provides a quick answer to your research question.

2.     Literature review

A literature review section is where you discuss scholarly literature about your research question. Explain to your readers why the literature available does not adequately address your question. This will help you explain why your research is essential and why people should read your paper.

3.     Data

Present your research paper results to your readers. This can be in the form of data that supports your thesis statement.

4.     Conclusion

Finalize your paper with a summary of your findings. Do not introduce any new information at this point. Restate your thesis statement.

5.     Proofread your paper

Reread your work after you finish writing it. Check your sentence construction, grammar, spelling, and punctuation and correct them accordingly. Counter-check the evidence, statistics, and examples you have used and ensure they are accurate.

Tips for writing political science research topics

When writing a research paper in political science, you need to choose a suitable topic for your paper. The following is what you should consider when choosing political paper topics

1.     Avoid using narratives that favor one side

Make sure that the political research topic you choose shows different perspectives of an issue. You should be able to gather enough facts to support your narrative and to objectively address an issue.

2.     Read credible articles

 Research and read articles about your subject. Select the work of credible article writers that will provide you with enough relevant and quality information on the subject. This way, you will be able to produce valuable information for your readers.

3.     Understand the different subdivisions of political science

Political science has various subdivisions, and you need to understand the approach each subdivision requires before selecting. This way, you can identify which field interests you more and choose a topic from this area.

Key takeaway

When writing a research paper in political science, you need to select the best political science research topics. This is usually the most challenging part for most students. With proper guidance, you can find a topic that will help you produce a well-crafted paper. Identify the branches of political science and brainstorm topic ideas in each area.

Choose a topic that is interesting to you and perform in-depth research about it. Present your arguments objectively and in a well-organized manner. Need help with political research topics? Seek professional assistance. Click here to proceed.

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