Best 99+ Informative speech topics for college students

Best 99+ Informative speech topics for college students

The ladder of success in any field requires confidence and innovation. When you are asked to write an innovative and informative speech, you need to start from the premise of what you already know.

This article provides the foundation you need as you move towards performing thorough research on your subject. You can write a speech on almost anything around you. What is required is the right technique and confidence.

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Best 99+ Informative speech topics for college students
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What is informative speech and example?

An informative speech means you should provide adequate information on a particular subject. For example, you can write a speech on things like personality traits, an object, a phenomenon, an industry, or an event, among other things.

You need to discover those thoughts that come to your mind and use them as a guide to choose a topic. For example, you can decide to educate your audience on how to find reliable and credible news online.

How to write an informative speech

When starting to write an informative speech, you need to understand the question “what is an informative speech?” An informative speech is an opportunity to share your knowledge on a particular subject with your audience.

To present useful information to your audience, you need to write a well-researched, informative speech. This way, you will make a solid presentation with facts and examples about your subject.

You can include your opinion on your subject in a subtle way. Including your opinion adds your voice to the speech.

This way, your speech is not a collection of researched facts but a well-analyzed presentation. Here are various categories of interesting informative speech topics

Informative speech in science and technology

Do you want to educate your audience about your science project? You need to choose an informative speech topic and write about it.

Science and technology  is a challenging field that requires accuracy and thorough research. Here are examples of informative speech ideas

  1. Discovering space science and future inventions
  2. What are the ethical perspectives regarding human cloning
  3. How will artificial intelligence affect the future?
  4. The advancement of robotics
  5. What are the benefits of the internet regarding innovations?
  6. What are the consequences of biological warfare?
  7. What are the problems caused by a computer virus?
  8. How has GMOs affected agriculture?
  9. What are the irrigation techniques and technology used in the Middle East?
  10. What are alternative sources of energy?

Informative speech on environment

Informative speech on environment

Students pursuing an environmental course will need to share information on how to participate in saving the environment. An informative speech is the best way to pass the knowledge you have gained in your studies. Here are some informative speech topics on the environment

  1. How to encourage the use of clean energy sources
  2. Reducing illegal deforestation
  3. How to effectively prevent animal abuse
  4. The various human activities that cause landslides
  5. Why are fish in seas and oceans reducing in number?
  6. How will the increase in the human population affect the future?
  7. The effect of floods in the world
  8. The benefits of organic fertilizers
  9. What are the causes of endangered wild animals?
  10. What are the consequences of destroying rain forests?

Informative speech on education

There are various issues that students deal with when they are in and out of school that affect their education. Writing an informative speech about education is a great way to express these issues. You can include your personal experience in the speech.

When you bring such issues to light, you create awareness that can lead to the needed change. Here are interesting informative speech topics on education

  1. How students can effectively communicate with their teachers in school
  2. The pros and cons of virtual classes
  3. The differences in school programs in various countries
  4. Ways students can develop their creative abilities
  5. How to improve your grades in college
  6. How to manage your student budget
  7. How students can get the best jobs online
  8. How to perform well in co-curriculum activities
  9. How can proper use of email affect students?
  10. How to manage your time as a college student

Informative speech ideas on entertainment

Entertainment is a broad category, and you need to choose a topic that your audience can relate to. Informative speech topics that connect with your audience’s personal experiences will keep them engaged.

They will be encouraged to research the topic further and find out more information. Here are some informative speech examples

  1. What are the educational requirements for a career in showbiz?
  2. How is artificial intelligence transforming movie production?
  3. Who are the most influential movie actors?
  4. How does music affect social movements?
  5. The originality of movies and music

Interesting informative speech topics on your health and fitness

Everyone desires to have good health, but it requires some personal effort to get it. When you are healthy, you live longer, and you can enjoy your accomplishments for a longer period. Here are interesting informative speech topics that you can write about

  1. What are the benefits of healthy eating habits?
  2. How to exercise consistently as part of your daily routine
  3. The effects and cure of depression
  4. Why is nicotine not good for your body?
  5. How to manage your time in the gym
  6. The best way of losing weight without hurting yourself
  7. How can too much sugar affect your body?
  8. Why is obesity a common problem?
  9. The effects of alcohol on the body
  10. How can smoking affect your body organs?

Informative speech on sports

Sport is an exciting topic to write and talk about, especially if you enjoy playing different games. There is a lot that you can research, learn and share with your audience in the sporting world. The following are some sports topic ideas

  1. Why is sporting important for students
  2. The origin of soccer
  3. What are the advantages of sports for various age groups?
  4. The most successful sportsperson in athletics
  5. What it takes to train like an athlete
  6. The type of food athletes eat to keep them fit
  7. Common types of injuries in football
  8. What makes a person a sports fan? Why and how do fans support their teams?
  9. Can sports become a professional career? How long can you have it as a profession?
  10. Why should students consider getting into sports in college?

Informative speech on society

Writing an informative speech about society is a good way for you to learn about the different issues in your community. When you choose a topic and perform research, you find new and exciting information.

You can share this information with your audience. Below are some topics about the society that you can write about

  1. Why it is advisable not to judge people based on appearance
  2. The effects of social discrimination and why it happens
  3. What does patriotism mean?
  4. What are the effects of racial discrimination in the workplace?
  5. How can the government support homeless people?
  6. What challenges do military women face?
  7. What qualifies as child abuse?
  8. How has Westernization influenced human rights in third-world countries?
  9. Effective ways of offering psychological support to children in foster care
  10. Why are dogs regarded as man’s best friend?

Informative speech on family and ethics

The foundation of any society is a family. Writing an informative speech can help you learn how different family setups work. The information you discover when researching family and ethics topics will help you understand the challenges that other families face.

Family topics can improve your social interactions. Here are some informative speech family ethics topics

  1. What are the consequences of an adapted child meeting his or her, biological parents?
  2. How does single parenting affect college students?
  3. What is considered negligence in parenting?
  4. What is the growth rate in foster care?
  5. How can divorce affect young children?
  6. How important is the relationship between parents and their teenagers?
  7. What is the difference between love and tolerance?
  8. How can lies affect families?
  9. What methods can be used to reduce domestic violence?
  10. What are the causes of separation in families?

Informative speech on conflict and war

You can write about different types of conflicts that exist in the world. For example, you can write an informative speech about conflict in the workplace or at home.

Conflict also happens around the world in the form of wars. This means there is a lot of information on world wars that you can research and write about. Below are some informative speech ideas on wars and conflict

  1. How did the First World War start?
  2. The effects of war in the society
  3. How to solve conflicts in the workplace
  4. How can family conflict affect influential people?
  5. How to solve conflict among friends

Informative speech on literature and history

Literature and history have unique and interesting informative speech topics that you can explore and share with your audience. Choose a simple history or literature topic and thoroughly conduct your research. Share the ideas and concepts about your topic. Below are some topic ideas

  1. The beauty of ancient art in Egypt
  2. The history of technological inventions in Japan
  3. Does the modern youth find college literature programs interesting?
  4. The popularity of Rome
  5. Can online libraries replace the traditional walk-in libraries?

Informative speech on culture and politics

When writing an informative speech about politics, what you already know is never enough. You need to perform a deeper research on your topic and provide factual information to your audience. Below are some topic examples

  1. The environmental problems that our country is facing and the role of government in creating awareness
  2. How does free trade agreement work?
  3. How can government invest in music?
  4. Why is communism never successful?
  5. Inspirational women leaders in politics
  6. Ways of eliminating corruption in government offices

Informative speech on Finance and the economy

It is crucial to educate people on financial principles, the history of currency, and how it affects the economy. Find interesting and informative topics in this category. Here are some examples

  1. How does the retirement policy affect different countries?
  2. What are the best methods of financing your education?
  3. How does free education affect the economy?
  4. How does an economic crisis happen? What are the causes?
  5. What are the reasons and effects of the “Great Depression?”
  6. What are the challenges of internet banking?
  7. How do you recognize the main trends in the stock market?
  8. What are the methods of dealing with an economic crisis?

How to write an informative speech outline

The best way to write your informative speech is, to begin with an outline that has an introduction, a body section, and a concluding paragraph. An outline acts as a road map that guides you.

It is a skeleton that has your main points and the flow of your writing. This way, you can remember important points when adding information to it. Here is how you should write the paragraphs of your informative speech outline

Introduction paragraph

Make sure your introduction paragraph is concise and interesting to your audience. An interesting introduction will make your audience look forward to listening to the rest of your speech. 

Your introduction should represent your primary idea. How you write your introduction will impact your audience.

Make sure there is a connection between you and the subject you are presenting. This connection needs to be apparent to your audience from the onset.

To capture your audience’s attention, you can use interesting informative speech examples. This way, your readers will not get bored.

Body Paragraphs

The body section is where you expound on your informative speech topics. Clearly communicate your main idea and present your sub-points.

Incorporate relevant examples and credible evidence from your research work. This will add credibility to your speech.

Ensure you observe time restrictions. Your speech should not be too long or too short.

Make proper use of the provided time. An informative speech outline template can give you an idea of how to write a good outline.

Your speech should be understandable so that your audience can easily participate. Provide value by making your content as informative as possible while presenting it naturally.

Conclusion section

In your concluding section, summarize your main points so that your audience can remember them. The final paragraph should be impactful to your audience.

It should leave an impression. Make sure your final sentence connects to your topic and offers closure to the audience.

Categories of informative speech

 Informative speeches are classified into four categories. You can share your knowledge with your audience on a particular topic that falls under any of these categories.

  • Definition speeches allow you to explain a concept of your subject or a theory
  • Presenting an explanatory speech is where you explain the state of a particular field and provide evidence like statistics to back it up
  • A descriptive speech will enable you to create a vivid image in the mind of your audience as you describe an object or situation
  • Demonstrative speeches will educate your audience on how to perform a particular action or process

How do you choose an informative speech topic?

Choosing an informative speech topic depends on your familiarity with that particular field. For example, if you want to write a speech about artificial intelligence, it will be more effective if you are familiar with technology.

The chances of your success are higher if you are comfortable with the field of your topic. Choose a topic that interests you, and most importantly, the topic should connect with your audience’s emotions. It should interest your readers.

Do not pick a topic because it is sensational. Make sure you are knowledgeable about your subject and your writing is error free. When your informative speech has errors or is inaccurate, it will lower your credibility.

1.   Brainstorm topic ideas

Best 99+ Informative speech topics for college students

Decide whether you will present a speech on objects, events, concepts, or processes. Brainstorm and write down the ideas. You can look at your course material for inspiration.

2.   Narrow down and find focus

A good informative topic should be narrow enough to  effectively pass your point. Make sure your topic is focused and coherent so that you can find relevant information and credible sources for your informative speech.    

A focused informative speech topic will move in one direction. Your audience should be able to follow the structure and your line of reasoning. You can make your topic focused by answering the following questions

  • Who does the topic affect?
  • What is the significance of your informative speech topics, and what motivates you to choose them?
  • What impact does your topic have? When did it occur?

3.   Keep your informative speech interesting

Choose interesting speech topics that will keep your audience engaged. Make sure you are creative and interesting while passing adequate information. 

Informative speech topics can quickly become boring especially if they lack creativity or humor. When choosing an informative topic, make sure you understand your audience.

Choose a topic that is relevant to your audience. For example, if you present a speech to a beginner class about a specific subject, avoid using jargon and complicated terminologies. Make an effort to use simple words and examples your audience can relate to.

When you use many complicated terms and jargon, your audience may not understand most of your presentation. They can quickly lose interest in what you are saying.

4.   Present accurate information

An informative speech is supposed to add value to your audience. The topic you choose should give them knowledge and help them grow.

Make sure you choose a topic that will educate your audience about a particular subject. Perform thorough research on the topic. Provide your audience with accurate and credible facts and information from reputable sources.

You can consider some reliable sources of information like journals, credible reports, and textbooks from well-known authors. Make sure your speech is not biased and use objective scientific sources to back up your theories. Analyze the validity of the information about your informative topics using the following:

  • Check the credibility of the author, including the author’s credentials
  • Check accuracy by making sure the information is complete, extensive, and factual
  • The information should be reasonable and balanced instead of biased
  • Check to see if other authors are supporting the information.

What are the best speech topics?

There are many topics that you can choose for your informative speech. Sometimes, this can be confusing. When selecting the best speech topics, you need to consider the following  

1.   Choose current, informative topics

When you choose a topic and start writing about it, it may seem interesting. After you have written a few sentences, you may discover that you do not have anything else to write.

Choose a current topic. This way, when you perform your research, you are likely to get enough information.

2.   Avoid very many facts

Do not include facts that will make your speech retell the information. Provide fresh concepts and ideas in your speech.

Your informative speech should impact your audience positively in the end. It should make them want to discuss the subject further.

3.   Do not lose your point

You may start writing your speech about a particular topic but end up writing about a different one as you progress. You can avoid this by ensuring your informative speech topics only fit in one category.

4.   Keep your audience interested

Make your presentation simple and your concepts understandable. Imagine that you are explaining your concept to a child or a granny.

This means you will use simple and easy-to-understand language and concepts. Your audience will be interested if they can understand your presentation.

5.   Make the speech exciting

Do not present a boring speech. Make it interesting. This does not depend on your topic, but it depends on how you present it.

Add a few jokes or funny things in your presentation to keep things interesting. Entertain your audience as you deliver your speech. Look at a few informative speech examples   to get inspiration on how you can do it.

Key takeaway

Writing an excellent informative speech depends on your ability to choose a topic that interests you and is relevant to your audience. When you choose your informative speech topics well, you will enjoy researching, writing, and presenting topics to your audience. Take as much time as you need when selecting a topic. Make sure your topic can give you enough relevant information for your speech. To learn more about informative speeches for students, contact us.

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