How to Write an Economics Paper

How to Write an Economics Paper

Learning how to write an economics paper can be challenging, especially if it’s your first essay in college. It should not perplex you much.  Essay writing is an everyday activity in university, and you will get used to it in a short while.  For now, what you need is to learn more about how to write your essay.

Write an abstract

The first thing for your paper is to write an abstract.  Many don’t know what an abstract is in an economic report. It’s a summary of what the whole article will discuss. Anyone reading this section should get a clear picture of your research.

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Experts who know how to write an abstract for an economics paper recommend writing this section last. Though placed on top of your paper, include this section after you have completed the assignment. It’s the best option, especially if you are handing over a hard copy document. It prevents you from wasting a pile of papers as you try to correct mistakes in the section.  

Research on your paper

 Research the topic before you start writing. Economic essays are critical because your findings may be used to make financial decisions in an organization. That’s why your tutor encourages you to write an informed economics paper topic.  

Look for credible sources. The first step to successful research is to know your sources. The internet has a mixture of genuine and counterfeit information.  The legit sites are a handful. You need a working strategy to know which site is working and which one is not. These websites are hidden, and you can’t see them by surfing.  

A credible source must meet basic academic requirements.  First, it should have references to back up the claim. Second, it should be less than five years old. And lastly, it should be from a trustworthy website.

How to find credible sources

Include the word PDF in your search. Most materials in this format are scholarly and legit.  The search will help you narrow your research and avoid getting many responses from the net that you cannot use. You will get dozens of them. You will no longer struggle on how to write a literature review for an economics paper example.

Some of them require you to sign up on their website before you can access the materials. But, most journals are free.  For instance, has educational materials for every field.

End your search by “.Edu”. All websites that have this name are academic, and they offer legit information.  They mainly include school websites or organizations that provide educational materials. It’s also an excellent place to get your PDF.

Visit legit sites for your research. The internet has some websites specifically for academic materials. It’s a goldmine for your essay if you get one. For instance, Google Scholar and Research Gate are some of the best places for you to get economic paper topics. They have free materials that you can use to write your assignment.

Government websites are also credible sources. They contain information about a country’s economic condition supported by graphs and statistics. The best thing about this site is that it has updated information, including hours old data.

What to avoid

As you look for how to write an abstract for an economics paper, avoid using blogs. Any source that does not have a reference or links to support its claim is biased and cannot be used in academics. It’s mostly the case with bloggers. They collect unverified information from social media to increase the conversation rate. Theirs is a business, not a source of information.  

Avoid word document formatted materials. Professional scholars do not upload their work in such a format. They always use PDFs for their publications. You cannot verify any other form whether the information written has gone through editing.  Someone posting a word document is probably a student trying to make their way up. And, you don’t need such materials for your essay.

 Format your essay

The first step before starting your essay is to know the best economics paper format to use. The academic world has more than ten referencing styles to use in your paper. Your choice depends on your lecturer’s instructions or their simplicity.

Most economics essays require you to use Chicago or APA method in formatting your paper. Use these two if your lecturer has not specified in their instructions.  APA is the best option; it’s fast and easy to use. We will use it as a reference for this article. Let’s look at some basics of organizing your paper.

Format the title page

APA requires your paper to have a title page.  The section contains your personal information such as name, school, and course. Other information included includes the title for your paper and date.

The detailed formatting depends on the version used.

APA 6 and 7 have different ways to organize your paper. For instance, version 7 does not have a running head when writing assignments, something included in the previous version. It has added other features such as writing the title in bold letters and spacing it from additional general information.

Write a compelling introduction

Knowing how to write an economics paper introduction determines whether your readers will follow you to the end. It contains the basic information about the paper. Give a background of the document and why it’s essential to economics. Use statistics to convince the reader of its essence.

Include a thesis statement in your essay. A thesis statement is the last sentence of the introduction that summarizes your intention for the whole paper in one line. That’s why it’s recommended to write it last, and experts know it well. You will have an idea of what you have included in the essay.

Include a conclusion

The last part of your essay should summarize your main argument. It contains crucial information that will give your reader precise details about your paper. A conclusion is the lenses for your assignment.

Do not introduce new concepts in your conclusion. Students make a mistake by mentioning something they remembered in this section. For instance, they realized that they needed to mention a particular figure in the body paragraph they forgot. Their only solution is to bring it out in this section.

Avoid including citations in your conclusion. The section that deals with your essay is a summary.  Your reader wants to hear what you conclude after reading a few authors and not directing them to the sources.

Keep your conclusion short and precise. It should not occupy more than a third of your essay’s words. Some students use this section to fool lecturers. They write a lot of words to cover up for the missed content in the main body. Your tutor is wiser than this, and they will discover your mischief. You may get low grades for this behavior.

Use factual information in your essay  

how to write economics paper format

An economist who has mastered how to write an economics paper knows the power of figures. Economics is unlike other subjects that you can cook data as long it’s convincing. The study requires you to present factual and verifiable information for practical purposes.

Statistics and graphs are the most convincing information you can give your audience. It presents the actual economic situation without sugarcoating. Research has shown that it appeals to people’s emotions.  Your readers will follow your essay to see how this information affects the economy.  

The best statistics are those that compare past and present economic conditions. If you want to hook your reader all day with your essay, show them how the world has changed over the past five or ten years. For instance, present them with the previous and current commodity’s price, and they will listen to you to the end.

Use the best data presentation method.  You will arouse your readers differently when you use plain figures, a graph, and a pie chart. The first two do not appeal to your audience’s emotion as the third one. Know which way will attract your audience and use it to your advantage.

Edit your paper

Anyone who has ever written an international economic paper knows it’s crucial to edit their work.  Your audience forms the first impression about your essay by looking at whether you have common grammar mistakes.  Any trace of it may turn them off.

Use editing tools to correct any errors in your essay. Thanks to the internet, nonnative speakers can present grammatically correct papers using online tools. They note areas that need improvement in your assignment and edit it.

Grammarly is the best tool for editing grammatical errors. The mechanism ensures that your paper sounds native. It removes fluff, wordy sentences, and grammatical mistakes from your work.  People who don’t like using passive voice in their documents can also use this tool. You can decide to buy a premium package or signup for free, depending on your proficiency level.

Turnitin is an excellent tool to check plagiarism. Submitting a plagiarized paper is a self-destruction strategy.  Many have lost their scholarships and grades because of this reason. Thanks to the internet, you can now remove plagiarism from your paper. 

Reread your work severally

Another critical method of knowing how to write an economics essay is by proofreading your work.  You need to go through your assignments two to three times. This is to ensure that you have followed instructions, your paper does not have errors, and you have included everything you need.  

Proofread your work after some days. It’s hard to see mistakes in a paper that you have just written. You will probably read out what you wanted to say and not what you write.  Reading your assignment after you have forgotten what you wrote would help you point out unnoticed mistakes. Do this after three days.

Follow instructions

No one can successfully write a sample economics research paper well if they don’t follow instructions.  Every assignment will have a long list of guidelines on what to concentrate on in your essay. It’s up to you to ensure that you have understood whatever is written in the paper before you start.

Please note the difference between reading and passing through the instructions. For you to understand the guidelines, you need to read them at least twice. The first time you get the central ideas of your assignment, while the second one is for noticing unique keywords. Some requirements can only be seen by looking at your paper critically.  

Ask your lecturer for clarification. It’s easy to pass your essay if you show your tutor that you are interested in what you write by asking questions. Sadly, the last person that a student wants to consult is their teacher. They think their teacher will nob them or deduct some points if they “bother” them.  Your instructor will be happy to help you and even give you some hints on research paper topics on economics.

You stand a chance to win up to five points for following instructions. Apart from helping you to understand the question better, guidelines offer you an opportunity to increase your grade.  Your lecturer wants to reward you for taking the time to read their requirements. You can check the marks awarded in the rubric section.

Quote famous economists

One way of showing your expertise on how to write an economics paper is seasoning your essay with quotes. It’s a way of showing that you have read far and wide, which encourages your audience to continue reading.  

Quoting a renowned economist gives your work credit.  It shows that your paper is not a collection of rumors but a well-researched essay aimed at giving factual information.  You may have heard your lecturer use one or two authors in their conversion.  Do the same to spice up your writing. For instance, you can quote Adam’s Smith, Alfred Marshal, or Wallet Buffett.

Include in-text citations in your essay

In-text citations are the most challenging part of essay writing. Most people will say, “Please help me do my economic paper.” Their request is not because they don’t know how to do it, but because of references. They understand that failure to include this section may lead to a low score in their exam.

In-text citations show that you wrote your paper from an informed point of view.  The only way for your lecturer to know that you researched your essay is to refer them to some authors.  It makes your tutor understand that their efforts are appreciated.

Use two to three in-text citations in each paragraph. It’s a sign that you intended to include the authors in your essay, and you did not do it for formality.  Ensure that each section has some quotes, only where necessary.

Use the recommended referencing style.  Each style has its way of inserting quotations. No matter how good your quote is, you will still fail if you did not follow instructions. For instance, know which method uses author-date or author-page number.

Do not put the in-text citation on your topic sentence. The purse of this line is to give a summary of the whole section. Including references on it confuses your reader since they do not know what it references.

Include a reference list to show you know how to write an economics paper

A reference gives more details about the in-text citations you used in your essay.  They tell your audience where they can find more information if they want to read further.  

Follow your lecturer’s guidelines when writing a reference. Each style uses a different way. Some tutors will deduct points from your essay for the wrong format.  Ensure you get the minute details on the instructions to avoid frustrations.

Note the essential details in referencing. For instance, know the order of names, where to put dates, and write a title for a book. All these are important and different in all referencing styles. They determine how you will perform in your essay.

Start your paper on time

how to write an Economics Paper

The biggest challenge to writing an economics paper is starting your essay when it’s too late.  Some students wait until when its due date for them to begin their assignment.  They end up writing a low-quality essay which leads to poor performance.

Start your essay immediately after you receive it. You will have enough time to research, edit and proofread your work which accounts for your grade in your report.  It also allows you to implement some verbal instructions or tips given by your lecturer, which are still fresh in your mind.   Some tutors mention random information in their conversation, which has a bearing on your essay.

Write a draft for your paper

The best sample of economic paper research starts with a draft. The section allows you to gather all your information before deciding what you want to write in your essay.  It includes quotes, references, and paraphrased content that you have read from the internet.

Guidelines for writing a draft remain the same as those for writing your final copy. The only difference is that a draft has some information you won’t include in your final essay. The purpose of this section is to help you organize your work. It’s expected that it will have more content than what you will need in your final copy.

Ensure you can present your draft to your lecturer if you don’t have time to write another copy. Sometimes you find yourself caught up in so many responsibilities that you have no time to write a final paper.  Your draft can save you if you get into a rock and a hard place.

Hire an economic writer for your essay

The internet has dozens of essay writers ready to help you complete your assignment. A simple search of “write my economic paper” on the internet will give you hundreds of answers in a second.  The more they are, the higher the chance of being scammed.

Ensure you signup legit at legit sites.  Do not trust any website that promises top-notch content for your essay.  Some will give you copied contents, while others will have low-quality papers that you can’t use for your assignment.  

The best way to know a legit site is by looking at their reviews.  Past clients will leave their messages on their experience working with the website.  It will help you decide to either continue with your signup or look for another site.

Referrals are also a good starting point. You can get them online or from your friends.  Search for words like research paper topics in economics or best economic research paper outline writers. They will give you recommended sites that you can get your paper done. Your classmates may know some sites they use to do their papers. Ask them for links and contacts.

The price range will tell you whether the site is legit.  Do not trust websites that promise you outrageous offers, such as writing your paper with one dollar or two. Writing any economic paper example requires time and professionalism. The amount offered on this site should raise suspicion.

Know the gap in the topic of study

Research what other scholars have written about your topic to avoid duplication of information.  They will help you to know what has been covered and what needs a closer look.  

Most of the gap in economic studies arises due to change in technology and policies. For instance, someone who wrote their essay five years ago about communication and economics may have to revise it. The industry has evolved much since then.

The article has taught you how to write an economic paper. We have looked at how being keen on details determines your grades and the trivial mistakes you should avoid.  Use the instructions to help you write a better economic essay. Don’t allow deadlines, referencing, and workload to prevent you from passing your exam. If you need help with your economics paper reach us today. Click here to proceed.

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