How to Write a Thematic Statement

How to Write a Thematic Statement

Which book have you read lately? You know the topic, the characters, and the plot. What overview message do you have concerning the story? Do you know the author’s view on the subject or topic they have written about? Well, the author’s opinion is the thematic statement.

So, what is a thematic statement? We can define a thematic statement as a concise sentence that contains an opinion and the reasons behind it. It is the main idea or message that the author delivers on a subject or topic in their literary work.

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How to Write a Thematic Statement
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For a college assignment, a two-line sentence with an average of 35 words is good for your essay. A thematic statement has a title, author’s name, reference of the conflict in the story, and the general observation of the plot.

The thematic statement is a central point in essay writing. It is a must component in any persuasive academic writing. The main purpose of thematic writing includes the following:

  • It gives a clear and specific argument that directs the reader on what to expect in the entire work.
  • It is the central point from which you write detailed evidence.
  • It guides you as a writer when structuring the essay. From the thematic statement, you will easily pick the important points that will help you provide supportive evidence.

A thematic statement is derived from the subject or topic. A topic or subject is written as one or two words. For instance, a topic like love can have, ’true love conquers hate’ as the theme. The thematic statement provides a simple interpretation of what you want to write about. Look at the following thematic statements examples:

1.Love taken to the extreme can become dangerous.

2.Finding acceptance in yourself leads others to accept you as well.

3.Gossip can destroy a person’s reputation in one whisper.

4.It takes faith to triumph in a harsh world

5.Trust can be hard to achieve but can be easily broken with one wrong move

These thematic statements have been derived from topics. Look at these common theme examples:

  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Value of family
  • Benefits of hard work
  • Death
  • Prejudice
  • Freedom

Dangers of ignorance

These topics are also referred to as thematic concepts. A thematic concept is the reader’s understanding of the work presented. It is how the audience thinks or is made to think concerning the subject under discussion.

Some of the commonly found thematic concept examples are love, war, revenge, betrayal, forgiveness, love versus hate, or appearance versus reality.

Thematic concept concentrates on the reader’s point of view of the work they have read. On the other hand, a thematic statement explains the view of the work concerning the subject. It shows how human perspectives relate to the abstract concepts in the theme.

A thematic statement is the skeleton message from which the whole writing will be done. Compare this example:

From thematic concept-love, the thematic statement can be, ’true love conquers hate’, or ‘love sometimes may be deceiving’. Various theses can be derived from one theme depending on the storyline.

College assignments involve writing persuasively. As a student, you argue your case to convince the reader. Therefore, academic writing requires that you systematically arrange your work in the introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction part, you forward a thesis statement that will guide your writing.

What is a Thesis Statement?

 A thesis statement is a summarized interpretation of the topic in one sentence. It explains the importance of the subject. The thesis statement contains a writer’s claim which will be supported with evidence in the body part. A thesis statement guides the reader on what is in the subsequent paragraphs.

Your college instructor may or may not indicate that you include a thesis statement in the assignment. So, you will detect from the essay type whether it requires one. Assignment writings such as analytical, expository, and argumentative writings automatically require a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is written as the last part of the introductory paragraph. It should be general to cover the whole meaning of your content. Similarly, it should be specific to your targeted interpretation theme statement may change depending on the pieces of evidence that you shall subsequently discuss.

Read these examples to get an insight into what is a thesis statement:

Question: ‘Discuss the impact of covid-19 on the world business sector’

Thesis statement: covid-19 was a blessing to some business partners.

How to write a thematic statement

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Characteristics of a good thematic statement

A good thematic statement should cover the whole content. Read the entire work so that you create a theme based on the whole content. Compare your idea with the last part of the work under scrutiny. Confirm whether your statement relates to the work you are writing about. Ensure that your thematic statement has the following qualities:

  1. Should state general view about reality

After reading the whole work, use observation to reflect on the situation outside the story. Instead of using the specific places, events, and characters in the story, use general terms like people, parents, friends, or countries. This will give your thesis a general and valid outlook applicable to another situation or people.

  1. Be original and philosophical

Do not use common and vague clichés. Use your own words. Express thoughtful concepts that are intriguing. Your thematic statement will invite the readers to read through if the words will invoke debate.

  • Be specific

Your statement will be invited if it uses specific terms rather than general adjectives such as good, successful or bad. Do not sound obvious. So instead of writing, ‘hate is evil’, write, ‘hate may lead to a negative character’

  1. Be debatable

A good thematic statement poses a challenge to the readers they do not all agree with your thought. Some will oppose it while others will be curious to know why you think that way. There will be an interest to read your evidence in the body part of the essay.

  1. Be clear and understandable

An open-ended thematic statement creates questions in the reader’s mind. They want to know why or how you came up with such a statement. Remember this is not the debate as stated in part IV. If they do not understand your argument, they cannot either agree or disagree. So, make it clear and easier to understand at the first reading. They do not need to read between lines to get what you intend to express.

For the best and elaborate thematic statement, you need to put in mind these two essential points:

  • Get several abstract words that explain the topic. Abstract words describe ideas in mind. They are not practical terms but deal with an ideal life. So, list topics like love, passion, prejudice, loyalty, and freedom.
  • Combine the abstract words with various comments on the author’s observation on human general aspects. Explain what the authors say about the abstract ideas giving their observation or views about the topic on the discussion.

Essential Steps on How to Write a Thematic Statement

1.Read the Story Exhaustively

Read keenly to understand the plot character and stylistic devices used by the author. Know all the human perspectives as conveyed by the author.

2.Get the Conflict Points and the Key Points

The values, intentions, and interests portrayed in the story will help you understand the exact type of story you are dealing with. This will guide you determine the keywords of your thematic statement.

3.Pick the Main Points

Discuss the results of the events as they unfolded in the story. Pick the most important keywords so that eventually you use them to construct one sentence. This will explain the thought derived concerning the entire topic.

4.Capture the Essence of the Subject

Determine the author’s opinion on the topic. From the topic, you can create a theme by analyzing the character’s life cycles as described by the author.

 Alternatively, analyze the author’s view on the topic that guides the story. For instance, from a topic, deception, you can state what the author views as deception. So, your theme will be, the writer believes that deception… (Indicate their view on the topic)

5.Use a Theme Statement Template to Format the Opinion.

There are standard rules which you can apply to write your thematic statement. When you use thematic statement templates, remember to observe the following:

  • Avoid mentioning specific characters as in the book or events in the plot. The idea you get should apply to the world outside the story. Talk of the general behavior of people or aspects in general situations as related to the story.
  • Do not forward obvious statements but rather use specific qualitative descriptions. When you say ‘love is good, that’s so obvious. Instead, write, ‘true love may develop perseverance’. A saying like ‘discrimination is evil’, does not evoke any thought in the reader’s mind. ‘Discrimination can lead to social classes and suffering’, will trigger some argument.
  • Do not use clichés – the common expression about life are not themes. Aphorisms or sayings such as ’out of sight, out of mind’ or ‘love hurts’ do not express any observation on a given work.

Examples of thematic statement templates

The main theme of…. (title of the book) is that… (name of the author) forwards the idea that… (state the view of the author on the topic) sees this example

The main theme of Romeo and Juliet is that Shakespeare forwards the idea that true love creates perseverance that results in a happy union.

You may be instructed to give evidence from the writing to support the theme statement. The format will be as:

The central theme of…(book/topic) is … (write the author’s opinion on the topic) when…. (state the event from the book) occurs it results in…. (indicate the outcome of the incidence). this shows that…… (Write some relevant elements of the theme).For example

The central theme of ‘Animal Farm’ is equality versus discrimination. When the pigs started using the available resources for their comfort, there was an uproar within the animal community that leads to the suffering of animals like the sheep and horses. This shows that selfishness can break any unity in a community.

The above example gives the author’s observation of the novel, Animal Farm. The same statement can be compressed into a thematic summary. This refers to a brief description of the theme in a condensed sentence. A thematic summary contains a general observation of a story. The concise sentence has two sections. You first present the opinion and secondly provide reasons to support it. A good thematic summary example for a love topic can be,’ love may have the power to alter peoples’ lives in positive or negative ways’

6.Review your First Draft

A strong thesis statement meets all the qualities. You must read your thesis to assess if it answers the question. A thesis must trigger a challenge. Some readers will agree while others will disagree. If it is accepted without question, then it is a weak statement. So, invite an argument but not a summary of the content.

Check whether the statement and the evidence in the body should agree. If not, change part or even the whole statement before you hand it in for marking.

Asses the theme statement from the reader’s perspective. Will the readers understand your thought in the first instance? If you realize that the statement raises questions such as ‘why’ and ‘how’, try to modify it. Make it clear and understandable.

How to write a thematic essay

In this writing, the author develops the main theme through stylistic devices such as personification, imagery, and metaphor. The writer forwards the topic and its importance to the literary devices they apply. The presented claim or theme’s validity must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

A thematic statement outline comes in handy when you are about to draft your essay. The framework shows how your work will flow. The standard outlook of a theme outline has five paragraphs with three major topics. It shows an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the outline, list the information in order you plan to present it. The introduction will have the topic, thematic thesis statement, and a list of key points for discussion.

The main body contains supportive topic sentences arranged in paragraphs. Each topic sentence is explained in the thesis forwarded. Use literary devices for each topic sentence that supports your argument.

The last part of the theme essay is the conclusion. Wide up by briefly pointing out the key topics, you cited in the body part. Do not introduce any new ideas. Just a summary of your discussion. Restate the thesis statement differently. End up with a concluding remark. Design an intriguing last sentence that creates interest in readers to study the topic further. For an easier and systematically written thematic essay, the outline below will help you organize your work. When planning for an essay, be careful how you select thematic topics. Here are some helpful steps to guide you.

  • Gather all your experiences

Try to recall casual chats with friends or visits.

  • Write down all ideas that cross your mind

Do not ignore any because any might form your core theme’

  • List your favorite literature publications

 Include the subject discussed and any challenges the author might have faced in writing.

  • Get other books and analyze them with your favorite

See the following examples:

  • What is George Orwell’s deliberation in portraying a “perfect utopia” in his book 1984
  • What is Harpe Lee saying about innocence in her novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird?’

How to find the central theme

To ensure that you have a correct choice and clear interpretation of the main theme, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make a summary of the story or book you have read

 Note the main idea as expressed by the author.

  1. Pick the most commonly applied subject

A subject is a general topic that is described by one word. For example, love, deception, passion among others. On the contrary, a theme is a sentence describing a specific is the main point of reference as you write the essay.

  1. Keenly analyze the author’s topic

 As you read the literary work you will detect the author’s main idea. What is their opinion? Pick the frequently mentioned idea. Note the examples that are prevalent in the author’s writing.

  1. Get the main lesson.

 Discover the objectives of the author to the audience. What lesson does the author want the readers to learn from the work?

How to write a thematic statement essay

How to write thematic statement

A standard thematic essay has a minimum of five paragraphs. For college essay writing you will write many paragraphs. like any other essay, you should have three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction, mention the subject and thesis statement. A thematic thesis statement is a complete sentence that explains the theme. When writing a thematic essay, the thematic statement of the essay becomes the thesis statement. This statement is normally stated in the last sentence of your introduction. it is from the theme that you get the rest of the content as you give detailed information to support this claim.

A good thesis statement should be a two-line sentence of 30-40 words. It should be arguable. Do not present an obvious thesis that everyone will agree with. Invoke diverse opinions from the readers concerning your statement. When they question your argument, they will be interested to read through your essay to know your supporting evidence.

Writing a thematic statement requires deep thought of the content and choice of words. It is therefore important that you consider these guidelines as you draft the statement:

  • Give a specific idea concerning a widely known topic
  • Get the idea from the plot

Do not give specific details of the plot.

  • State the observation or opinion as it depicts.

 Do not appear like you are giving a moral lesson. So, avoid directive words such as; should’ ‘must’.

  • Use general terms of reference rather than 2nd person – ‘you’

Below is an illustrated format on how to write a theme statement:

  1. Choose a subject

For instance, pick topics like love, freedom, prejudice.

  1. List down all the related causes of the subject you mentioned in (i)

 The causes must come from the content so you need to have read it thoroughly.

For example, prejudice developed as a result of some animals using the resources for their benefit and undermine the value of others.

  • List the impact of the subject as described in the content

For example, the prejudice caused innocent animals like sheep to suffer unfairly.

  1. From step (ii) and (iii) draft your thematic statement

 What is the author’s observation on the subject, prejudice? You can have such a theme as, ‘Prejudice from Animal Farm is a common human aspect exposed in discrimination and unfair treatment of some people and causes suffering’

  1. Draw a general observation

When writing the thematic statement, do not go to specific details of the plot or character. Make a general observation.

The body paragraphs contain various supportive details arranged thematically or otherwise as you may choose or be instructed. Use quality literary elements to explain your evidence. The evidence needs to align with the thematic statement and show its validity and convince the readers.

Finally, end your essay with a summary of the main points. Briefly mention the key points to drive your message through. Also, restate the thesis statement without repeating the exact words in the introduction

In conclusion, a good thematic statement comes from abstract words arched to describe human aspects. Make a wise choice of topic and supportive evidence. Create a strong thematic thesis statement. Ensure that you read the content to get the conflict area. Pick the main point. Draw an outline that guides you as do the actual writing.

To ease your essay assignment, simply buy a thematic statement copy from experts who have ready-to-use samples for various topics just order yours at an affordable cost. Do not go for a cheap thematic statement, go for the quality.

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