Guide on how to write a process analysis essay-tips and examples

Guide on how to write a process analysis essay-tips and examples

You may be wondering what a process is and the point to writing events in a procedural manner. In academia, it is common to be tasked with the description of a certain process. This may range from a simple recipe to a technical job such as fixing a car engine. Although writing a process analysis essay may seem difficult to most students, it is very simple and quite pleasant. In this article, we will learn how to; write this paper, highlight its format, find topics, and include an example.

What is a process analysis essay?

A process analysis essay is a type of expository essay. Process analysis involves technical writing that demonstrates change and the series of steps taken to complete the change. This type of an essay explains how something occurs, works, or how a particular process is done. The steps explaining a procedure are either written in sequential, chronological, or logical order.

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Guide on how to write a process analysis essay-tips and examples
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Types of process analysis papers

Process analysis papers are divided into; directional and informational papers. It is important to distinguish the kind of essay you would explore before writing your paper.

Directional process analysis essay

This type of an essay describes the way of doing something. For example; a cooking recipe, how to solve a cryptogram, etc.

Informative process analysis essay

This type of essay provides information on how something works without outlining details on the performance of the actions. For example; a description of how the jet engine works, how a parachute works, etc.

How to pick a process analysis essay topic

Your instructor might give you an essay analysis topic or you might need to come up with one. A simple guiding trick to picking a process analysis essay topic is to think of something that requires a step by step process. Here are a few tips to coming up with a great topic:

  • Go through and write down all the ideas you might have in mind
  • Pick a theme that resonates with your audience
  • Focus on a specific task or procedure
  • Make sure you have all the right resources to describe the procedure
  • Enlist keywords
  • Focus on words and avoid pictures and infographics
  • Make sure the topic is helpful and contains practical worth
  • Research more on your topic of study

Process analysis essay topic examples

Process analysis essays cover a wide range of topics. We will explore a few examples of process analysis topics for college students. You may choose to pick one of these topics and write a process essay following the instruction in this article.

  • How to cook a fish fillet
  • How to bake a chocolate chip cake
  • How to crochet a sweater
  • How to wash your hands
  • How a community can enjoy the benefits of recycling
  • How to communicate effectively with your lover
  • How to get over a break-up
  • How to follow up the steps to analyzing an argument
  • How to use Instagram to market your products
  • How marketing companies play on human psychology
  • How does osmosis occurs in plant cells
  • How the process of photosynthesis occurs
  • How the human immune system works
  • How the process of digestion occurs
  • How to install CCTV surveillance cameras
  • How to upgrade your computer operating system
  • How to easily make new friends
  • How to overcome the grief of losing a loved one
  • How to plant a tree
  • The Solvay process
  • How to extract Nitrogen from the atmosphere
  • How to trade Forex

how to write process analysis essat

How to write a process analysis essay gradually

After choosing a topic, the next step is to create an outline for your essay. An outline ensures that you remember all the details you want to be included in your paper. A well-written process analysis essay includes all the details of a process from the beginning to the end. The structure of a process analysis paper includes:


Use a direct approach to explain why the process under explanation is necessary. Avoid using too much details, explaining the background or history of the subject.


This part of the essay should describe all the tools, resources, and equipment essential for a particular procedure. Also, potential risks and side effects that could occur while performing the procedure should be addressed in this section. A contingency plan should also be included to finish the procedure in case the process does not go as planned.


To help your reader understand the steps of the process under discussion, you need to make a sequential outline. Make sure the steps are logical. For complicated or long steps, you may need to include sub-steps in your process analysis essay.


The conclusion should include an overview of the whole process. Do not include any new information in this part of the essay. Do not include too much detail in this section, it is only a summary.

Tips on writing a process analysis essay

To write a clear and coherent essay, follow these tips:

  • Pick a topic
  • Ensure you understand the whole process
  • Ensure you are informed on possible repercussions to performing the process
  • Break down the process into steps
  • Present the steps in a logical and sequential order
  • Use words of transition while writing your essay in between steps
  • Use appropriate terminology
  • Proofread your work and correct any mistakes

Process analysis paper examples

You may read through the process analysis essay examples below for some inspiration and practical know-how to write one. These examples are meant to guide you in writing a process analysis essay.


Fly fishing is one of the best outdoor activities you can ever engage in. It helps you reconnect with nature and recharge. Fly fishing does not require you to be an expert in fishing or to have any experience at all, so this guide is totally useful for beginners.

To set out for fly fishing you need to set up some equipment. Basic gear for fly fishing includes a fly rod, a fly reel, a fly fishing line, and a handful of flies.

To put the reel, rod, and backing line together you need to:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s manual carefully, fasten the reel and the rod together
  2. Retrieve and pull your backing for 100 feet. You should wind the backing enough so that when joined with the line they fill the arbor
  3. Pull off 3 feet of fly line and tie it to your backing using an Albright knot
  4. Pull off another 90 feet of fly line and clip it
  5. Start with the fly line and spool to get the backing into the reel
  6. Ensure your line is taught as you spool
  7. When the line almost touches the outer rim you may stop spooling and cut out the extra backing
  8. Using an arbor knot tie the backing to the arbor
  9. Make a loop using a braid knot at the end of the fly line
  10. Using a loop to loop knot attach the leader
  11. Use the surgeon’s knot to fasten the tippet to the leader
  12. To tie the fly to the tippet use an improved clinch knot

With this, you are set-up to start fishing. The process might seem a little daunting but it is important to exercise patience and care. Remember no one is perfect so, when you mess it up you can start all over again.

fly fishing

With all our equipment ready it is time to cast and catch some fish. For this reading, we will use the overhead cast. This is one of the simplest types of casting.

The main aim of the overhead cast is to cast the fly line to the targeted area by bringing the fly line overhead and around you. This is what you need to do:

  1. Clasp the rod with your thumb on top of it and pointed towards its end. Be careful for any additional line to come out thus hold the line against the rod with your index finger.
  2. Pull out 30 feet of fly line from the rod. For best results pull the line with the rod facing downward at waist level.
  3. Take a step back for the line to extend in front of you.
  4. In quick motion rotate your arm to get the line behind you. Make a pause for a loop to form.
  5. With the line behind you, bring the rod forward to get the line to cast in front of you.
  6. Lower your arm gently as the line extends out into the water

Now all you need to do is wait. Consider finding a good spot to have a greatly enjoyable experience. Fly fishing can be done solo or with a couple of friends.

Remember fly fishing is supposed to be enjoyable. If it feels like a task you should consider having a different hobby. Invest in quality equipment and take time to tie it all up. Finally learn a few casting techniques and have fun at it.


Biryani is an Indian delicacy introduced to them by Mughals. It has since spread to various parts of the world as a luxurious cuisine.

To prepare chicken biryani, here are the ingredients you need:

-1 cup basmati rice

-2 tablespoons salt

-5 tablespoons cooking oil/ghee

-½ teaspoon of ground turmeric

-4 cardamom seeds

-½ teaspoon of cumin seeds

-2 onions

-1 clove of garlic

-mint leaves


-3 diced tomatoes

-600 grams of chicken

-½ cup yogurt

-garam masala powder

-I teaspoon black pepper

-chili powder

-1 tablespoon of ginger

-2 tablespoons of vinegar

-3 tablespoons of tomato paste

-½ a cup of pawpaw (grated)

-½ teaspoon of thyme

Step 1: Cut up your chicken into huge chucks while making slits on them in a large bowl. Add on:

  • ¼ cup yogurt
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger and garlic each
  • ¼ teaspoon of turmeric
  • ½ cup of pawpaw
  • 2 tablespoons of vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of chili powder( spice to taste)

Step 2: Mix the ingredients and the chicken well to marinate and set aside for an hour. Alternatively, you may refrigerate the mixture overnight.

Step 3: Add one cup of basmati rice to a drain bowl and wash thoroughly. Soak the rinsed rice in water for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Heat the cooking oil in a pot. Sauté your diced or ring cut onions to a golden brown color and add:

  • 4 cardamom seeds
  • 20 grams grated garlic(to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon ginger
  • one inch piece cut cinnamon


Use medium heat to fry these ingredients until a consistent light brown color appears.

Step 5: Add the marinated chicken. Sauté for 10 minutes until it changes to a pale brown color.

Step 6: Use low heat to cook the chicken until tender. You may add some salt to taste in chicken.  You need the chicken just cooked and not overdone.  Add:

  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon of garam masala
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper

Spread everything in a single layer under low heat and simmer.

Step 7: Lay the drained rice evenly on the chicken. Pour three cups of water into a separate bowl and add ½ teaspoon of salt. Add the water into the pot and leave the rice gently on top.

Step 8:  Add two tablespoons of mint leaves and saffron-soaked milk (if any).

Step 9: Cover the pot with a lid. Medium heat is most suitable until the rice is completely done. The rice should be fully cooked and grainy. Let it rest for 15 minutes, open up the lid, and spread the rice fluff with a fork. Your biryani is ready to serve.

In summary

A process analysis essay may seem difficult to write but is very easy and enjoyable. To write a good paper, you must first identify the type of process analysis paper you want to write. Picking a good topic is essential in ensuring flow and relevance in your paper.

To write a process analysis, ensure a sequence of the steps of the process and logic to the flow of events. Take up the challenge and try writing a process analysis essay for yourself, in case you feel stuck ask for essay writing help now.

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