65+ Best Extended essay topics and ideas in 2021

65+ Best Extended essay topics and ideas in 2021

Do you want to write a compelling extended essay? Are you looking for the best extended essay topics? To write an excellent extended essay, you need to understand what the essay is all about. Conducting extensive research and choosing a topic is an essential part of writing an IB extensive essay.

Definition and Purpose

An extended essay is a mandatory requirement for an IB program.

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65+ Best Extended essay topics and ideas in 2021
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An International Baccalaureate (IB) is a program that offers high school students an opportunity to study. An extended essay is part of an exam that adds to your final exam score in an IB program.

It is an academic research paper that is 4000 words long.

Elements of an extended essay

An extended essay has a standard formatting requirement. Pay attention to the following elements when writing your paper.

1.    Title page

The first page of a research paper should have a project title. Include a research problem, the course, and word count.

2.    Table of contents

Provide a guide to the headings and subheadings in your paper. Write page numbers for easy accessibility. You can provide links that a reader can click and get to a particular page.

3.    Introduction

Provide background information on a topic. Write brief information about what your extended essay will discuss.

Present a goal of your extended essay and its scope. A thesis statement should come at the end of an introduction paragraph.

4.    Body section

Present results of your study or an experiment. Include clear arguments.

Provide your arguments logically so that readers can follow your way of reasoning. Arrange your discussion in chronological order.

Support your arguments with credible external sources and relevant examples. Students can structure the body section of an extended essay in a way that suits their extended essay topics.

5.    Conclusion

The last paragraph of an extensive essay is where students summarizes a discussion. Connect your conclusion to a thesis statement.

Paraphrase your thesis and end your paper in an impactful way. A concluding sentence should connect back to the topic and bring a discussion to an end. Recommend areas that need further research.

6.    Reference section

Present sources of information that you have used in your essay. Format your references using the right formatting style and citation. Correct formatting can get you better grades. You will also avoid plagiarism issues.

Top notch extended essay topics for students

Students can select a topic that is in one of the six categories for writing an extensive essay. Here are interesting topic ideas you can consider.

History extended essay topics that hooks

History essay topics are about significant events that happened in the past. Most people think about the military and famous political events.

History topics can be about small but engaging events that happened in the past. Here are history extended essay topics you can consider.

  1. The impact of European colonization in America
  2. How slavery was abolished in America
  3. How was the U.S. involved in World War II?
  4. What were the key achievements of human rights in the 20th Century?
  5. Was there any justification for the Dresden bombing in 1945?
  6. What was the role of Sweden in World War II?
  7. Great Britain and women’s rights in the 1920s and 1950
  8. How did Hitler rise to power?
  9. The importance of the Rosetta stone and how it was discovered
  10. Why Western countries dominated the world in modern history

7+ Interesting biology extended essay topics

Select a biology topic that is based on experimental data. Choose a simple investigation that will help you get more marks

Make sure the topic you select is in the biology field. Biology is the study of living things. Here are ib biology extended essay topics metabolism and chemosynthesis

  1. What is the significance of marine biology in the ecosystem?
  2. How has the human immune system evolved?
  3. How has modern technology improved plant treatment?
  4. Explain Biological mechanisms that increase allergic diseases.
  5. Tracking ancient groups of people using blood groups
  6. How oxytocin hormones enable dogs to respond to eye contact
  7. Explain the work of antioxidants in the human body
  8. How does live culture in dairy products reduce lactose?
  9. How does climate change affect coral relief?
  10. How do gender and age affect photoreceptor cells in the human eye?

Physics extended essay topics for college students

Select extended essay topics that are in the field of physics and does not lean on other subjects. Physics deals with matter and energy.

Understand the field and select a topic that interests you. The following is a list of extended essay topics in physics you can brainstorm.

  1. The construction calibration and design of apparatus used to measure lip in milk
  2. Explain how temperature affects viscosity X in soda
  3. What is the relationship between insulators and conductors?
  4. How do particles interact?
  5. How can a fan be used to measure distance?
  6. What is the relationship between weather conditions and the stability of a wheel?
  7. What is the evidence that the universe is expanding?
  8. Physics of magnetic field on the earth
  9. How do telescope rays work?
  10. Explain laminar flow in biosecurity, engineering, and decoration

World geography extended essay topics you need to know

Students can choose areas that deal with global issues in the field of geography. Select a topic and narrow it down to produce a focused paper with clear argument analysis. The following are geography extended essay topics students can consider

  1. What are the economic issues affecting the oil industry?
  2. How has human activity caused soil erosion?
  3. How has migration contributed to globalization?
  4. Discuss the impact of climate change
  5. Discuss the benefits of alternative fuel to the environment.
  6. The effects of carbon on forests.
  7. What are the factors affecting industries in cities?
  8. How is biodiversity managed in National parks?
  9. What is the significance of quality water in the city?
  10. How can companies effectively manage waste and demonstrate environmental preservation?

Literature extended essay topics 

Best extended essay topics

Students have an opportunity to research a topic within the field of Literature. Topics in Literature are further divided into three subgroups that you need to identify. You can consider the following ib extended essay literature topics.

  1. Compare the inaugural speeches of Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush.
  2. What are the artificial languages in Literature?
  3. How ideal women are portrayed in Literature
  4. Discuss Literature Nobel Prize winners who introduced stylistic innovations
  5. How does James Baldwin illustrate racism?
  6. How does Sylvia Plath’s show innate objects?
  7. How does Emily Bronte in Wuthering Heights portray religion?
  8. How does Jane Austen demonstrate prejudice and pride?
  9. Discuss William Golding, lord of the flies
  10. Explain how William Goldman demonstrates love in Princess Bride

Math extended essay topics

Extended essay topics in math are a rare choice, but you can select the most interesting.

Seek guidance from an instructor or a professional essay writing service provider where necessary. The following are math topics you can brainstorm.

  1. Explain curves and spirographs
  2. The significance of Egyptian fractions in arithmetic.
  3. How to color polynomials can distinguish knots.
  4. Plane tessellations symmetries
  5. The movement of planets
  6. Cosmology and general relativity
  7. Statistics methodology
  8. Voting polynomials
  9. Arithmetic and Egyptian forces
  10. Theory of partitions and general fractions

Extended essay topics in medicine                          

Medicine is an extensive topic. You can perform preliminary research and select a subject that interests you. Here are extended essay topics you can research and write about.

  1. Enzyme reaction kinetics.
  2. The effects of hormones in human behavior.
  3. How effective is drug therapy in treating bipolar?
  4. The effects of excessive alcohol in the human body.
  5. Long term effects of smoking: passive smoking vs active smoking.
  6. Explain why the growth rate of cancer cells is fast.
  7. Discuss radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Explain how they treat cancer.
  8. The role of research in finding a medical solution.
  9. The causes of virus infection.
  10. Discuss genetic diseases that are rare.

How to select ib extended essay topics

An extended essay is more factual. It requires thorough research and critical thinking.

To write a paper successfully, you need to select the best extended essay topics and develop a research question. Here is what you should consider when selecting a good topic.

1.    Perform an extensive research

Preliminary research enables a student to select a suitable topic for an extended essay. The topic should not be too wide or too narrow.

Broad extended essay topics will not fit in an academic paper. A topic that is too narrow will not have enough material for you to research. Identify a suitable topic that can fit in an extensive essay that is 4000 words long.

2.    Select an interesting topic

Choose a topic that you will enjoy researching and writing. An extended essay involves in-depth research, analysis and assessment of facts.

A boring topic will make your research and writing process challenging. When a topic is interesting, you will enjoy researching and learning new information. Readers will find value from your in-depth research.

3.    Select a unique topic

Avoid selecting popular extended essay topics. A popular topic will not stand out from other similar essays.

Select a novel subject that is interesting, and you know something about. Do not be in a hurry to choose a topic. Take enough time.

A unique topic means your arguments will be unique and interesting. Write a solid paper that will intrigue your reader and give you higher marks. Extended essay topics fall into the following six groups;

  • Language and Literature
  • Language acquisition
  • Individuals and society
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts

Tips for writing an extended essay

An extended essay requires proper planning and preparation before students can start writing the first draft. The following tips can help you select the best extended essay topics and craft a solid essay.

1.    Define your research question

The purpose of any academic essay is to answer a research question. An extended essay that does not answer a research question might not be successful.

To answer a research question, narrow down your topic and create a focused question. Look at your question from different angles and brainstorm ideas that come to your mind.

Consider multiple alternatives and select ideas that interest you. These are key points that you will discuss in your entire paper.

2.    Choose an extended essay topics advisor

An advisor will guide you in your writing process. Look for an advisor early. He or she can be your school instructor.

Reach out to an instructor and ask if he or she is willing to guide you. Find out if the instructor is willing to read multiple extended essay drafts.

Advisors should not write an extended essay for you. They can discuss extended essay topics and suggest revisions.

Avoid choosing your favorite teacher as an advisor unless he or she teach a subject you have selected.

3.    Start early

An extended essay is a lengthy academic paper. Students are required to write 4000 words after performing in-depth research.

It is important to start working on your extended essay as early as possible. Students who start research early have enough time to read multiple books, watch documentaries and discuss unclear issues with their advisors. Such students have a better chance of getting  high grade in an extended essay exam.

Frequently asked questions

Students should write an extended essay in a clear and correct format. It is a lengthy essay with specific requirements. The following are some FAQs about extended essay topics

1.    What topics can I write for my extended essay?

Students can write about topics from six groups—group 1 studies in language and Literature. Group 2 covers language acquisition. Group 3 is individuals and societies. Group 4 is for sciences. Group 5 covers mathematics and Group 6 the Arts.

2.    What extended essay topics score high?

Group I and 6 subjects include Literature and the arts. They are easier. These subjects score high because they take less time to work on.

When writing an extended essay on Literature, you only need to perform an analysis. The other groups 2, 3, and 4 require you to collect data, analyze and do case studies. They take a longer time to complete.

3.    Which extended essay topics need sub-headers?

Students can use subheadings in some subjects like sciences. Subheadings in the body section of your extended essay enable a reader to understand arguments. Students can also keep track of their writing when using subheadings.

4.    What are some of the good extended essay topics?

A good extended essay topic depends on the subject that interests you. Select a field and narrow it down to a unique subject that captivates you. Literature and art subjects can be a good idea if you enjoy such subjects.

5.    What are the topics the extended essay can be?

An extended essay topic can belong to any one of the six IB groups. These are Literature, Language, Individual and society, Science, Math, and The Arts.

Key takeaway

Select extended essay topics that you are passionate about. Do not rush to get a topic in one day or a few hours.

Take your time to do thorough research and select a topic that is unique and interesting. Present strong evidence to support your claim.

The topic you choose should provide you with enough research material to write a 4000 – word extended essay.

Are you still stuck choosing a top-notch extended essay topic?  Do not worry. Seek professional help from experts.

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