What are the main elements of a persuasive speech?

What are the main elements of a persuasive speech?

Have you ever imagined presenting a speech that is so captivating that your audience loses track of time and becomes completely attentive? It is possible to deliver a powerful speech that will make your audience want to hear more of you.

Including various elements of a persuasive speech in your presentation can make it captivating. You will be able to give an interesting speech that your audience will want to hang on to every word you say.

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What are the main elements of a persuasive speech?
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Speeches can be extremely boring if not done correctly. You need to ensure your presentation is not dull and boring. The following elements will help you prepare and deliver a captivating speech that will linger in the minds of your audience for a long time.

What are the key elements of a good persuasive speech?

In order to understand various elements of a persuasive speech you have to learn how to write a persuasive speech.

Presentation of a persuasive speech can be challenging if you are doing it for the first time. A persuasive speech should convince your colleagues, peers, clients, or strangers to take action. The persuasion should be engaging and motivating.

The key elements of a good persuasive speech will help you deliver a concise and interesting speech. First, you need to understand “what is a persuasive speech?” A persuasive speech involves using three key persuasive writing elements.  

These key elements are logos, pathos, and ethos. The purpose of presenting a persuasive speech is to convince your audience to take a specific action or change their minds concerning an issue.

You need to prepare well before writing and presenting your persuasive speech. Find out the goal of your speech.

Do you expect your audience to buy something? Should they change their minds about something and make a decision? Here is a detailed description of three key elements that must work together to convince audience about your topic

1.    Logos

This element appeals to your audience’s logic. Logos is the logic and facts of your topic. It includes the reasons you provide in your argument analysis that fits together.

Organize your work in order from beginning to the end. Each point should be in a sequence that is easy to follow from the beginning to the conclusion as it builds on the previous point.

2.    Pathos

This is where you appeal to the emotions of your audience. This element ensures your content moves your audience to act in a particular way.

When you bring listeners to a particular level in their emotions, you can motivate them to act. This means that you can convince them to change their minds concerning a particular issue.

3.    Ethos

When presenting your speech, you need to be realistic to your audience. This includes your content and your presentation style.

Ethos addresses character and ethics. Audiences are more likely to listen to a speaker they perceive to be of good character, ethics, and an authority in the industry.

You need to increase your credibility before you start your presentation and during your presentation. Briefly mention credentials that qualify you to address the subject of discussion.

Mention research work you have put into preparing for your speech. Your audience should see you as a qualified speaker who has researched and prepared well. This makes them are more likely to listen and act.

What are the main elements of a strong persuasive speech?

Writing a captivating speech and presenting it in a powerful way can keep your audience engaged and motivated. Persuasive speech methods can help you capture the attention of your audience from the start to the end of your presentation. Here is a persuasive elements list you can use to write and deliver a compelling speech.

1.    Create a simple structure

When writing a speech, ensure it has a concise introduction, body, and an impactful ending. Pay attention to the opening of your speech.

The first words of your speech will determine how your audience will respond to your presentation. Listeners can decide whether they will continue listening to your speech or not immediately they hear your opening.

Capture the attention of your audience with a hook and draw them in from the beginning. An interesting introduction will make your listeners interested in your entire speech.

After creating an intriguing opening, tell your audience what your speech is all about. Do not keep them guessing for a long time.

Present your main points and discuss them exhaustively. The body of your speech is where you illustrate your points with credible evidence and relevant examples.

Let theme of your speech grow in the minds of your listeners. Finally, highlight the major parts of a persuasive speech and present a call to action. How you start and end your speech will determine how your audience will respond.

2.    Understand your audience

Elements of a persuasive speech to learn about

Knowing your audience enables you to create a speech that speaks to them directly. Find out relevant information about your audiences like age, profession, gender or expectations.

This information will help you choose the correct tone of voice, language, and relevant content that speaks directly to them. You will be able to prepare a presentation that enables you to connect with your listeners quickly.

3.    Select the correct language

Choose a language that resonates with your audience. A younger audience may expect youthful and less formal language.

An older audience may expect a formal and straightforward talk. Understanding the language, you need to use will help you connect with your audience and enable effective communication.

Make your sentences short and vary their structure. Creatively use words to excite your audience and to create a mental picture. This will help your listeners to engage with your presentation.

4.    Elements of a persuasive speech PowerPoint

Visual aids improve your communication and the delivery of a speech. PowerPoint presentations can help you communicate effectively and in an interesting way.

Consider using a PowerPoint presentation when you feel it is necessary. Remember that if you do not use it properly, it can be a distraction to your audience.

Pay attention to some important things you need to do to use your PowerPoint effectively. Consider the venue of presentation and the facilities available.

Check how the facility will enable you to make a PowerPoint presentation. Confirm if you need a projection screen or if a TV screen will work.

When preparing your presentation slides, use a visible font and bullet points. In case you need to use diagrams or charts, make sure they represent your entire presentation.

Choose appropriate colors for your diagrams. Colors should not be a distraction. Make sure they are not too bright or too dull.

Big fonts and readable contrasting colors will help pass your message. When transitioning from one slide to another, choose a simple transition like a swipe or a dissolving slide that is less distractive.

Avoid complicated transitions. When you prepare a good PowerPoint presentation, it enhances delivery of your speech and makes it more effective.

5.    Elements of a persuasive speech: understand your emotions

Your emotional state is critical when it comes to delivering a powerful speech. This is an element that is part of your persuasive speech. You need to check it before and during your presentation.

When you are nervous during your presentation, your audience will feel your emotions, making them uncomfortable. When you are calm and confident, your audience will feel your confident energy and respond favorably to your speech.

Doing practice before presenting a speech will enable you to control your emotions. However, after practice, you become more comfortable delivering your speech.

6.    Deliver passionately

Presenting your speech passionately is one of the most essential elements of delivering a persuasive speech. When you are not passionate about your subject, your speech will be boring, and you risk losing the attention of your audience.

Select a topic that interests you and that you are passionate about. Research widely. Watch documentaries, read articles and watch videos about your subject.

This enables you to increase your passion. When you are passionate about the subject of your speech, you will present it in an interesting way and your audience will enjoy it.

7.    Tone of voice

How you sound to your listeners when you talk about your subject is as important as the subject itself. For example, your tone of voice can be assertive or humorous.

Select a voice that resonates with your audience and helps you to create a connection fast. When your tone of voice is correct, your audience will be willing to listen to you and follow your recommendations. You will be able to convince them quickly.

What are the elements of the introduction and conclusion in a persuasive speech?

How you start and end your speech can make or break your entire presentation. A boring introduction can make you lose your audience from the beginning.

A weak conclusion might not persuade your audience to take action. Here are elements that you can include in the opening and closing of your speech

1.    Open with a quote

A relevant quote will help you set the right tone for your presentation. Your audience will be curious to find out how the quote is related to your topic. This is also a great way to capture the attention of your audience.

2.    Create a mental picture

Painting a scenario in the minds of your audience captures their attention and puts them into your presentation. They will stay hooked to your speech from beginning to end. A captivating mental picture will lure your audience into listening to your entire presentation.

3.    Start with a rhetoric question

A question makes your audience curious to find out the answer. Take your time to craft an interesting rhetoric question.

4.    Conclude with a call to action

When concluding your persuasive speech, ask your audience to perform a specific action. Leave your audience motivated to change their way of thinking or to do something differently.

5.    Connect your conclusion to your topic

The last part of your speech should connect to your topic and bring your discussion to a full circle. You should highlight the significance of your speech and its relevance to your audience

Types of persuasive speech

A persuasive speech is supposed to convince your listeners to embrace your opinion and the way you think. You can persuade your listeners using these three types of persuasive speeches

1.    A factual speech

When you want to convince your audience about facts concerning your topic, use a factual speech. Present concrete evidence to confirm the existence or nonexistence of something.

You can use this type of speech to confirm if something is true or false using reliable evidence. This speech requires you to provide solid evidence to back up your claim.

2.    Value Speech

When preparing a value speech, you are concerned with convincing your audience that something is right or wrong. This type of speech focuses mainly on issues that deal with ethics or morals.

For example, a persuasive speech topic that talks about whether capital punishment is moral or not falls in this type of speech. It addresses particular values. These can be personal, national, or communal values.

3.    Policy speech

A persuasive speech about policy tries to convince an audience about specific policy. When your goal is to convince your audience to vote for a particular candidate or reject a certain policy, you are presenting a policy speech. Make sure you use relevant evidence and examples that will persuade your listeners to take action.

Elements of persuasion psychology

Understanding the elements of a persuasive speech will help you to package and deliver your speech effectively. To successfully change your listener’s beliefs, attitudes or opinions, you need to consider these four basic elements of persuasion.

  • The source of your message which can be a person who delivers a message
  • The message which is the information that is conveyed
  • Receiver who is the target audience
  • Channel of communication which is the medium used to send and deliver a message

Tips on how to use elements of a persuasive speech

Identifying and using elements of a persuasive speech will help you achieve your goal of convincing your audience about your topic. Here are tips you can use to present a memorable speech;

1.    Consider nonverbal communication

When you are making a presentation in front of an audience, you need to be aware of your nonverbal communication. Your posture can be a hindrance to effectively communicating to your audience.

Make sure you exude confidence and composure during your presentation. Look out for nonverbal communication from your audience as well.

Your audience is processing your speech and signs like nodding or dozing can tell you if they are enjoying the speech or not. Look out for them.

2.    Consider objections

Address the opposing viewpoint of your topic. During your presentation, discuss your main points exhaustively and address the opposing views that some of your audience might be holding.

You can use elements of a persuasive essay to address counterarguments in a way that favors your argument. Addressing opposing viewpoints means that you are acknowledging and responding to objections on your topic.

Key takeaway

When writing and presenting your persuasive speech, you need to use elements of a persuasive speech. These elements enable you to write a compelling, persuasive speech and present it powerfully.

Research and understand persuasive elements examples that can be useful in your speech. Practicing your speech presentation will help you boost your confidence and achieve your goal. To get help on  persuasive speech, contact us.

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